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Guangxi University of Foreign Languages is located in Nanning, the permanent venue of China-ASEAN Expo, the center city of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone and the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, formerly known as Guangxi Oriental College of Foreign Languages, which was founded in June 2004 and upgraded to a full-time undergraduate university in April 2011.

It has 14 teaching units, 33 undergraduate majors and 20 senior high school majors, including 9 foreign language undergraduate majors such as Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Indonesian, and is the college with the largest number of students and languages enrolled in foreign languages in Guangxi. There are 26,718 full-time students in school.

Adhering to the fundamental task of “establishing moral education for people”. The university implements the Party’s education policy, takes “running a university to the satisfaction of the people” as the purpose, adheres to the philosophy of “running a school for the people with great love, putting students first and establishing moral education”, upholds the school motto of “keeping the soul of China and being a good international citizen”, and promotes the philosophy of “keeping the soul of China and being a good international citizen”. The university motto is “Keep the Chinese soul and be a good international citizen”, and the university spirit of “Dare to be the first and forge ahead” is carried forward, and the good school spirit of “Great love and far-reaching” is formed. The university has formed a good school spirit of “Great Love and Far-reaching”, integrating ideological and political education into the whole process of education and socialist core values into all aspects of education and teaching. The university’s characteristics of “serving the frontier, connecting with ASEAN, making the small bigger, and making the outside stronger” are beginning to emerge, and various undertakings have been developed significantly.

The school is constantly improving its running conditions. The campus covers an area of 1,617,351.35 square meters, with 240,638.76 square meters of teaching and administrative buildings and 178,154.92 square meters of student dormitories. The total value of teaching and research instruments and equipment is 96.8553 million yuan, and the total number of paper books is 1,987,200.

It always takes strengthening the construction of teachers as its basic work. Implementing the strategy of strengthening talents, taking teachers as the first resource for school running, the university established the Teacher Development Center in 2013, formulated the planning of teacher construction, constantly improved the system mechanism, increased the training efforts, and made teacher construction as the key to improving teaching level and ensuring teaching quality. There are 950 full-time teachers and 554 external teachers. Among them, there are 5 doctoral supervisors, more than 80 master’s supervisors and 2 autonomous region level university teaching masters. There are a number of industry experts, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial elites serving as visiting professors and participating in the whole process of talent cultivation. The faculty team of “experts leading, backbone supporting and double teachers combining” has been formed initially.

Actively explore the mode of cultivating applied talents. There are 1 pilot professional group for transformation and development of new undergraduate schools at the autonomous region level, 1 specialty at the autonomous region level, and 5 key majors of private higher education institutions at the autonomous region level. Since its foundation, the university has undertaken 131 educational reform projects at the autonomous region level and won 9 teaching achievement awards at the autonomous region level, including 1 special award, 1 first-class award, 3 second-class awards and 4 third-class awards. It has undertaken 3 national education science planning projects, 5 philosophical and social science planning projects in Guangxi, 278 scientific research projects and education science planning projects of Guangxi Education Department, and won 1 second prize of Guangxi Social Science Excellent Achievement Award. According to the goal of “cultivating high-quality applied talents who uphold the basic line of the Party, have solid professional foundation, strong practical ability, international vision, innovation spirit and entrepreneurial consciousness, and comprehensive development of morality, intellect, physique and aesthetics”, we formulate talent cultivation program, implement the core curriculum construction plan for professional ability cultivation, strengthen practical teaching, and develop “2-3-3” talent cultivation program. The “two, three, three” talent cultivation model is distinctive.

In 2010, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship was established, and the China-ASEAN Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park was set up; the role of overseas alumni associations was fully utilized, and overseas entrepreneurship and employment bases were built in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc. In November 2016, the School was awarded the “National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Teacher Training Award”. “National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Teacher Training Team Construction Award”, and was recognized as “National Demonstration Base for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Teacher Training in Private Universities” by China Association of Private Education in December 2016. The project of “Research and Practice of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents Cultivation Model of Management Majors Serving the Economic Construction of Beibu Gulf of Guangxi” won the Special Prize of Autonomous Region-level Teaching Achievement of Guangxi Higher Education in 2017.

Strengthening exchange and cooperation with colleges and universities in Taiwan. in 2012, it built a research base for the integration of industry, academia, research and application of Gui-Taiwan with the Taiwan Affairs Office of the People’s Government of the autonomous region, carried out the construction of the autonomous region’s special majors and curriculum integration project, and opened a special class of Gui-Taiwan business and investment cooperation; in 2016, the Gui-Taiwan Exchange and Cooperation Collaborative Education Center was awarded the project of Guangxi Higher Education Innovation Plan; it established exchange and cooperation with 14 colleges and universities, including Wenzao College of Foreign Languages in Taiwan It has established exchange and cooperation relationship with 14 colleges and universities, hosted cross-strait academic exchange conferences such as Industrial Upgrading and Gui-Taiwan Cooperation Forum (2013) and Gui-Taiwan Private College Summit Forum (2014), provided talent support and intellectual support for Taiwan-invested enterprises in Guangxi, and is one of the earlier colleges and universities in Guangxi to carry out exchange and cooperation with Gui-Taiwan.

Emphasis on regional economic and social development research. It has initially formed a pattern of coordinated development of multiple disciplines such as literature (foreign language and literature), economics, management, art, education and engineering. The discipline of Asian and African Languages and Literatures was approved as a key discipline at the autonomous region level. It has built the Sino-Thai Cultural Research Center with the Thai Consulate General in Nanning, and scientific research institutions such as Southeast Asia Research Institute, Gui-Taiwan Exchange and Cooperation Research Institute, and Guangxi Institute of Private Education Science.

Proactively serve regional economic and social development. Serving the national strategy, we provide multilingual translation and reception services for China-ASEAN Expo, China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit and Nanning International Folk Song Festival; serving “rural revitalization”, we go deep into poor mountainous areas, old revolutionary areas, ethnic minority areas and China-Vietnam border areas in Guangxi to carry out policy promotion and other practical activities; serving International cultural exchanges, providing volunteer services for major events such as the 45th World Gymnastics Championship, the Tour de Guangxi Road Cycling World Tour, the China Cup International Football Championship, the China 2016 Asia International Philatelic Exhibition and the China-Vietnam Youth Gala. According to statistics, more than 30,000 students and teachers participated in social volunteer services.

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Campus in between classes

We are making every effort to build the internationalized schooling characteristics for ASEAN. The university has signed exchange and cooperation agreements with 72 universities in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia, enrolled more than 1,500 international students, and sent nearly 5,000 students to partner universities to receive credit-bearing courses and social practice, gradually increasing the university’s international influence and recognition. According to’s “2017 China’s Best Universities Ranking – Internationalization Ranking of Students (Percentage of International Students)”, our university ranks among the top universities in Guangxi and the first private university in Guangxi; Jingling New International Entrepreneurial Times Network’s “2018 In the list of “2018 Top 300 Private Universities in China in terms of Internationalization Competitiveness” by Jingling New International Venture Times, the university ranked fifth, and the two items of “proportion of international students to total number of students” and “proportion of overseas students to total number of students” ranked second in the country. In the list of “2019 Top 300 Internationalization Competitiveness of Private Universities in China”, the university ranked the fourth in China and the first in Guangxi.

The reputation of the society is increasing day by day. Since the school was upgraded, it has been awarded “National Advanced Collective of Private Education”, “Excellent Institution of Private Higher Education in China”, “Advanced Unit of Ideological and Political Work in Universities in the Region”, and “Advanced Unit of Two New Universities in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region”. “Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Building Demonstration Point of Two New Organizations”, “Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Civilized Unit”, “Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Safe and Civilized Campus for Higher Education”. “Excellent School of Health in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region”, “Guangxi May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee” and other honorary titles. In the past three years, the initial employment rate of fresh undergraduates has been higher than 91%, and it has been awarded the honorary title of “Outstanding Unit of Employment and Entrepreneurship for Graduates of Guangxi General Universities” for four consecutive years. The quality of talent cultivation has been recognized by the society, and the effectiveness of schooling has been fully affirmed by the society.


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