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Guilin Tourism University was founded in 1985, originally named Guilin Tourism College; in 1994, it was renamed Guilin Tourism Higher College; in 2015, it was upgraded to an undergraduate college and renamed Guilin Tourism College, which is one of the two independent full-time public tourism undergraduate colleges and universities in China. The school has two campuses, Yanshan and 4 Luan, with a total campus area of 1,257,200 square meters (hectares) and more than 13,000 full-time students.

The university is the only key support unit of the United Nations World Tourism Organization in mainland China and an affiliated member of its Education Committee, a member of the World Tourism Alliance, a member of the Asia Pacific Tourism Association in the education category, an excellent partner of the Asian Development Bank in high-end tourism personnel training, and a “Five Star Alliance” unit of Chinese tourism colleges and universities. “Five Star Alliance” unit, China-ASEAN Tourism Education Alliance (CATEA) initiating institution and its secretariat location, China-ASEAN Tourism Talent Education and Training Base, National Tourism Poverty Alleviation Training Base, National Study Tour Instructor Training Base, the first batch of Hong Kong and Macao Youth Study Tour Base, Guangxi Culture and Tourism Integration Training Base, is It is the carrier unit of ASEAN tourism research base of China Tourism Research Institute, Guangxi tourism talents small highland, Guangxi tourism data center, Guangxi red culture and tourism research base and Guangxi post-doctoral innovation practice base; it is awarded the national excellent institution of catering vocational education and the best oriental tourism service industry Excellent Talent Cultivation Institution Award. The school has set up an international advisory committee composed of domestic and foreign famous scholars and industry elites.

Guilin Tourism University has set up a council composed of industry, enterprises, government and school, and the social industry has widely participated in the school’s operation, forming a talent training model of “industry-education integration, school-enterprise cooperation and multi-body collaborative education”. Now there are 13 teaching units, 28 undergraduate majors and 23 senior high school majors (including 10 enrollment majors), covering the six elements of tourism “food, accommodation, transportation, tourism, shopping, entertainment” and new business and other major areas. We have established long-term stable and in-depth cooperation with more than 160 famous enterprises in the industry at home and abroad, such as “Hilton Worldwide”.

The university has 8 UNWTO International Tourism Quality Education Certification majors; 2 national first-class undergraduate majors (hotel management and tourism management); 1 national first-class course (front office and room management); 5 autonomous region first-class undergraduate majors (tourism management, exhibition economy and management, arts and crafts, human geography and urban and rural planning, culinary nutrition education); and Guangxi undergraduate majors. There are 4 construction points of special majors and experimental training teaching bases (centers) in Guangxi undergraduate universities (hotel management, arts and crafts, human geography and urban and rural planning, culinary and nutrition education); 1 national senior high school teaching reform pilot major and 1 autonomous region quality major each, and 12 autonomous region quality majors; the discipline of “tourism management” has been awarded the project of Guangxi first-class The discipline of “tourism management” has been awarded the project of Guangxi first-class academic discipline (cultivation), and has two Guangxi key disciplines (cultivation) of “tourism management” and “design”, as well as “leisure and health tourism research center” and Research Center of Tourism Crafts with Ethnic Characteristics” and “Research Center of Tourism Crafts with Ethnic Characteristics” are two key research cultivation bases of humanities and social sciences in Guangxi universities. There are 1 national-level teaching achievement award, 1 second-level award and 22 autonomous region level teaching achievement awards; there are 14 practical training bases supported by the central government and autonomous region model practical training bases; 2 national quality courses, 1 national quality resource sharing course, 13 autonomous region level quality courses and 16 autonomous region level first-class undergraduate courses.

There are 638 full-time teachers in the university, 232 teachers with senior titles and 517 teachers with doctoral and master’s degrees. There are many specially-appointed experts in the autonomous region, members of the National Industry Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee, teaching masters of the autonomous region, young experts of the National Tourism Administration, Guangxi Excellence Scholars, members of the Teaching Steering Committee of Professional Classes in Guangxi Higher Education, members of the Guangxi Industry Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee, winners of the National May Day Labor Medal and winners of the Fulei Translation Award. Foreign experts, famous scholars and industry elites have been employed to teach and lecture in the school for a long time.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Talent Exchange Center “Tourism Special” job fair is permanently located in the school. The employment rate and employment quality of graduates are among the highest of similar colleges and universities, and it has been awarded as the advanced unit for employment of Guangxi college graduates for many times. In recent years, more than 1000 students have gone to the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Japan, France and other countries for internship and employment. The number and level of awards won by students in various national vocational skills competitions and discipline professional competitions are among the forefront of industry colleges and universities.

The school is the carrier unit of Guangxi tourism industry talent small highland, with scientific research and social service platforms such as Guangxi Tourism Planning and Design Institute, Guangxi Tourism Science Research Institute, Guangxi Tourism Data Center, Gui Travel Tourism Planning and Design Institute and Guangxi Tourism Industry Service Platform. In recent years, it has undertaken national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects and won more than 140 provincial and ministerial level achievement awards, such as the National Social Science Foundation and Guangxi 100 billion yuan industry major science and technology research, and formulated more than 100 planning projects and local industry standards for more than 20 cities and counties inside and outside the region. The journal Tourism Forum is an important platform for academic research on tourism in China, and has been awarded as one of the “Top Ten Journal of Guangxi Universities” for several years, selected as one of the “Outstanding Academic Journals of China’s International Influence in 2012” and awarded as one of the “National It has been selected as “2012 China’s Outstanding Academic Journal of International Influence” and won the 2019 “National High School Social Science Journal of Excellence”.

The university has cooperated with international organizations such as the United Nations World Tourism Organization and the Asia Pacific Tourism Association, as well as more than 20 overseas universities such as the Lausanne Institute of Hotel Management in Switzerland and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in personnel training and teacher training, etc. It is one of the eight institutions in the world that have been certified by the Lausanne Institute of Hotel Management in Switzerland for its academic system. The university established the Belt and Road International Education Institute, set up overseas campuses in Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Thailand and Cambodia, cooperated with Trisakti Tourism College in Indonesia to set up the China-Indonesia Tourism Business School and the China-Indonesia Tourism Research Institute, and established the Tourism Culture Education Center in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Ltd. signed an agreement with Oh Davao International Tourism Co., Ltd. in the Philippines to jointly build an overseas talent training and practice base, signed a cooperation agreement with Trisakti College of Tourism in Indonesia and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to jointly train master’s degrees, and signed an agreement with City University of Malaysia to jointly run a non-independent legal person Chinese-foreign cooperative education institution. The “Guilin Tourism College China-Indonesia Tourism Education Cooperation” was selected as a key project of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the 2019 “One Belt, One Road” international cooperation in cultural and tourism industries; “Building China -ASEAN Tourism Education Community and Innovative Training Mechanism for International Tourism Talents” won the Special Prize of Guangxi Higher Education Teaching Achievement. UNWTO Secretary-General Rifai commented, “The cooperation with the school has served as a model for UNWTO to carry out cooperation work in various related fields, which is worth promoting in the world.”

Relying on training platforms such as China-ASEAN Tourism Talent Education and Training Base, Asian Development Bank High-end Tourism Talent Training Cooperation Institution, National Professional and Technical Personnel Continuing Education Base, National Tourism Poverty Alleviation Training Base, National Study Tour Instructor Training Base, Guangxi Culture and Tourism Integration Training Base and Vocational Qualification Certification, the school has constructed a training platform with culture and tourism training as the main brand, red culture, rural revitalization, study tour Over the years, it has trained more than 60,000 tourism talents for various provinces and cities in China, and held more than 30 training courses for senior tourism management talents in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and other countries. As the only domestic tourism university entrusted by China-ASEAN Center, it has organized teachers to hold tourism assistance training courses in Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Laos and Malaysia for many years.

Guilin Tourism University has integrated tourism education into campus culture and formed a distinctive cultural education model, creating the “Foreign Language Drama Festival”, “Tour Guide Style Competition”, “Tourism Etiquette Style Competition”, “Travel Academy We have created the brand of cultural activities such as “Foreign Language Drama Festival”, “Tour Guide Style Competition”, “Tourism Etiquette Style Competition”, “Travel Academy Forum” and “Seven Genre Music House”. The baseball and softball team has won 12 national championships.


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