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The predecessor of Guilin University is Lijiang College of Guangxi Normal University, which was founded in May 2001, and was confirmed by the Ministry of Education to be an independent college in January 2004.

Guilin College is a full-time private higher education institution of independent undergraduate level, organized by Guilin New City Investment and Development Group Co. The school is located at No. 3 Yanzhong Road, Yanshan District, Guilin City, with the school identification code 4145013641. The school is an application-oriented higher education school, which mainly cultivates high-quality application-oriented and technically skilled talents required for regional economic and social development.


The school is located in Guilin, a famous national historical and cultural city with the most beautiful landscape in the world, and on the bank of Li River, one of the fifteen most beautiful rivers in the world. The school is located on the bank of Li River, one of the fifteen most beautiful rivers in the world. It is east of the central ring road of Yanshan District, Guilin, with convenient transportation. To the east, it is across the road from Guangxi Normal University (Yanshan Campus), and close to Yanshan District People’s Government, Guilin Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guilin Rongchuang International Tourism Resort and Yanshan Garden, which is known as “the best place in Guilin, a garden to see all”. The campus is shaded by trees and has an elegant environment, with the “Yushan Forest” with its winding paths, pine fragrance and bamboo rhythm. It has been awarded as “Guangxi Safe and Civilized Campus” and “Guangxi Excellent School of Health”.


The school covers an area of more than 830 mu, with a total construction area of more than 200,000 square meters, and has a fully functional teaching area, administrative area, student apartment area, teachers’ apartment area, sports area and three squares of “Zhi Shan”, “Hong Shan” and “Le Shan”. “There are more than 80 experimental training rooms, nearly 100 multimedia classrooms and multi-functional “Zhi Shan Lecture Hall” and “Hong Shan Lecture Hall”. The corridor type “Zhi Shan Building” teaching building group can accommodate nearly 10,000 people for classes at one time, and the “Le Shan Cafeteria” built by service outsourcing has been awarded “Standardized Student Cafeteria of Guangxi Universities” by Guangxi Education Department. In addition, the apartment-style student dormitories are regularly supplied with hot water and all of them are equipped with air conditioners and washing machines. The campus network has achieved full coverage.

The orientation

The university holds high the great banner of Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, implements the Party’s education policy, adheres to the direction of socialism, insists on the fundamental task of establishing moral education, and is based on “two types” (teaching-oriented, application-oriented), “two genders” (local, multidisciplinary) and “one type”. The university is committed to the development goal of “a standardized and efficient urban comprehensive university with distinctive features and excellent quality and employment”, and adheres to the spirit of “learning, goodness, self-discipline and self-improvement”. “In the spirit of the school motto, we cultivate high-quality applied and technically skilled talents with solid foundation, broad knowledge and “goodness”.

The faculty

The school has a full-time faculty of more than 710 teachers, of whom more than 450 are teachers and 260 are external teachers. Among the full-time teachers, 31% of them have senior titles and 71% of them have master’s degrees or above; among the own teachers, there are 1 doctoral supervisor and 1 postdoctoral supervisor, 10 master’s supervisors, 1 excellent scholar of the first batch of Guangxi colleges and universities, 1 excellent talent in ideological and political education, 7 middle-aged and young backbone teachers, 1 top talent in accounting in Guilin, 1 deputy director of the teaching guidance committee of Chinese language and literature in Guangxi colleges and universities, and 1 member of the British Accounting Committee. There are one deputy director member of the Teaching Guidance Committee of Chinese Language and Literature in Guangxi University and one member of the Teaching Guidance Committee of English Language and Literature.

The integration of industry and education

The university vigorously promotes the transformation and development of school-enterprise cooperation and integration of industry and education, and serves the regional economic and social development as the basic path, and in accordance with the principle of “building together as the basis, educating together as the support, managing together as the guarantee, and winning together as the goal”, the university has built a joint venture with Zhejiang Meitao Company, Guangzhou Yueying Group, Neusoft Group, China Soft International and other nationally renowned enterprises. “Mingtao Electric Business School”, “Yueying Electronic Engineering College”, “Neusoft Software College”, “Neusoft International Big Data College “From 2018 to 2020, it has been awarded as “Outstanding Unit of Employment and Entrepreneurship for Graduates of Guangxi General Universities” for three consecutive years.


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