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About Nanjing Agricultural University

Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) is located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of China, and is a national key university.

Nanjing Agricultural University has three campuses including Weigang Campus, Pukou Campus and Baima Teaching and Research Base. NAU has 20 colleges (departments) and 65 undergraduate majors; more than 17,000 full-time undergraduate students, 9,000 graduate students, and 2,700 faculty members. Read More.



1. “Nanjing Agricultural University is located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, with outstanding geographical advantages. Although it can’t be compared with the first-tier cities, Nanjing can still let you experience the feeling of a metropolis. Unlike most schools that are located in the suburbs, NUA Weigang Campus is only four stops away from Xinjiekou, the busiest area in the city center, and backed by Zijinshan Mountain, a famous mountain in the southeast. The campus has a beautiful environment and a favorable location. From the campus, you can see the rolling Zijinshan Mountain and instantly understand why it is known as the Dragon’s Vein.”


2. “The campus of Nanjing Agricultural University is not big, but it is beautiful. The campus has luxuriant trees and flowers blooming everywhere. The campus has a long history and there are several cultural relic buildings. The location is excellent. Out the north door is the Xiamafang subway exit, ten minutes to the center of Nanjing Xinjiekou, you can find places to eat, drink and play easily. What makes me most satisfied is that the Weigang Campus is located on the north side of the scenic Zhongshan Mountain, and you can see the green mountains when you look up from the teaching area. On weekends, students can go hiking together and stand on the top of Zhongshan overlooking Xuanwu Lake and the city skyline.”


3. “Weigang Campus is the main campus of Nanjing Agricultural University and can be reached by subway line 2 to the north gate of the school.

The most famous attraction of the campus is the main building which can be seen as soon as you enter the door and has a long history. When the weather is sunny, you can stand in the north of the main building and see Zhongshan Mausoleum, the steps of which can be seen clearly.

There are six cafeterias on campus, each of which is a food court and worth a visit.”


4. “I have to say: it’s good to be young!

Nanjing Agricultural in summer is really beautiful, wishing better and better!

By the way, congratulations to the old site of Nanjing Agricultural College was selected as one of the fifth batch of Nanjing cultural relics protection units list!”


5. “First of all, let’s talk about the environment. Nanjing Agricultural University is located in the suburbs of Nanjing, surrounded by beautiful environment and fresh air. The campus is full of green trees and flowers, giving people a comfortable feeling. At the same time, the school’s architecture is also very distinctive, with the combination of ancient buildings and modern facilities, which makes people feel comfortable. Strolling around the campus can make you feel peaceful and beautiful, and keep you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Secondly, talk about swimming. Nanjing Agricultural University is an agricultural university, so the swimming facilities on campus are very complete. The water quality of the swimming pool is clear and the water temperature is suitable, which makes people feel comfortable. Here, I can swim to my heart’s content, release pressure and relieve fatigue. In addition, swimming is also a good sport, which can help us strengthen our body and improve our cardiorespiratory function.

Overall, the environment and swimming facilities of Nanjing Agricultural University are excellent. It not only has a beautiful natural environment, but also modern facilities and excellent service. It makes me feel very comfortable and satisfied here. I believe that as time goes by, Nanjing Agricultural University will become better and better and become an ideal school for more students.”


6. NAU is located in line 2, Shimafang Station, close to Zhongshan Scenic Area, with good geographical advantages and convenient transportation. Weigang Campus is not a large area, compared to the next door Nanjing University of Science and Technology, it is really small, but you can find everything complete, everything is there. The key thing is the location is superior.

The environment on campus is good, with a lot of tall trees and a sense of history. The main building should be a landmark. Welcome to visit the campus!

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