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Nanjing Normal University (NNU, Chinese: 南京师范大学) is a public university located in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China.

Located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of six dynasties in Chinese history, NNU is one of the provincial key universities of “Project 211” under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the Jiangsu Provincial Government. Its origin can be traced back to 1902 with the establishment of Sanjiang Normal College, as one of the cradles of China’s higher normal schools. NNU has three campuses: Xianlin Campus, Suiyuan Campus, and Zijin Campus, among which Suiyuan Campus is renowned as “the most beautiful campus of the Orient”. NNU now consists of 28 schools and 2 independent colleges with an enrollment of 18,369 undergraduates, 11,039 graduate students and 1,525 doctoral candidates. It also has 3,247 faculty and staff. The NNU Library has a total collection of around 3.81 million volumes and 152 electronic databases.



At present, NNU has 6 national key disciplines, 3 national key cultivated disciplines, 14 provincial priority disciplines, 13 provincial first-level and national key cultivated disciplines, 23 provincial first-level key disciplines. 6 disciplines have been rated as Class A in the fourth round of national discipline assessment, and 8 disciplines listed among top 1% of ESI. NNU offers 25 doctoral degree programs of first-level disciplines and other 1 doctoral degree program of second-level discipline which is not included above, 40 master’s degree programs of first-level disciplines and 1 master’s degree program of second-level discipline which is not included above, 1 professional doctoral degree programs, 25 professional master’s degree programs, 74 undergraduate’s programs and 22 post-doctoral research centers. It offers a diverse curriculum including such subjects as philosophy, economics, law, education, humanities, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, arts, etc.



In recent years, NNU has achieved 32 Major Projects from the National Social Science Fund, 7 Key Projects of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research from the Ministry of Education, 2 Support Projects of National Science and Technology, 4 Major Projects of National Sciences Research, 1 project funded by “Program 863”, 28 Key Projects from the National Natural Science Fund. In addition, it has 5 research papers published in the Journal of Science and the Journal of Nature with NNU faculty members as the first authors, and won a Second Prize of National Natural Science Award (ranked first). It also has won 11 First Prizes of Humanities and Social Sciences and 4 First Prizes of Natural Sciences in College Outstanding Research Achievement Awards from the Ministry of Education (ranked first), with 13 monographs selected into the Achievements Library of the National Social Sciences Fund. Supported by its priority disciplines and major research institutes, NNU has established a number of platforms for fruitful production-study-research cooperation, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the development of cultural innovation industries. A number of featured fields of production-study-research cooperation have been built to encourage teachers to do research on application strategies and play the role of a brain trust.



NNU is one of the first group of universities to open up to the outside world in China, boasting a model base authorized by the Ministry of Education for foreign students’ education and base for teaching Chinese to foreigners, one of the first bases for Chinese language education and preschool education for students from China’s Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions. In addition, it has several international research and teaching organizations like UNESCO International Rural Education Research and Training Center (INRULED) Nanjing Base, French Culture Research Center and Alliance (Française de Nanjing) and the Italian Culture Research Center. NNU has established 3 Confucius Institutes at North Carolina State University, Pace University and France’s Alsace Region. It has developed joint programs with 16 overseas universities and launched study abroad programs with 123 universities. Apart from that, NNU has established intercollegiate exchange relationships with 232 universities from 42 countries and regions all over the world. NNU has employed more than 400 foreign experts, 80 of whom are long-term ones, and it also has received more than 1,800 foreign students annually. Learn More.


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Schools and Colleges

  • School of Business
  • School of Chemistry and Materials Science
  • School of Chinese Language and Literature
  • International College for Chinese Studies
  • School of Computer and Electronic Information/ School of Computer and Electronic Information / School of
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • School of Education Science
  • NARI School of Electrical and Automation Engineering
  • School of Energy and Mechanical Engineering
  • School of Environment
  • School of Fine Arts
  • School of Food Science and Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • School of Foreign Languages and Cultures
  • School of Geography
  • Ginling College
  • Honors College
  • School of Journalism and Communication
  • School of Law
  • School of Life Sciences
  • School of Marine Science and Engineering
  • School of Marxism Studies
  • School of Mathematical Sciences
  • School of Music
  • School of Physics and Technology
  • School of Psychology
  • School of Public Administration
  • School of Social Development
  • School of Sports Science and Physical Education
  • School of Teacher Education


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