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SIAS UNIVERSITY was founded in 1998 and is the first solely American-owned university in Central China. Affiliated with Fort Hays State University of Kansas, and formerly with Zhengzhou University, it is the first full-time undergraduate university in the province of Henan approved by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council in China to grant international bachelor’s degrees as cooperative projects. Sias was among the first batches of qualified universities to be accredited by China’ Ministry of Education, and in 2018, it was given the approval to function as an independent undergraduate university.

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Combining Chinese and Western educational philosophies, Sias has created a learning environment on the basis of general education, professional education, and practical education. The improvement of the academic system and consolidation of theoretical foundations have been made possible through the integration of the Chinese and Western, ancient and modern, subject integration, product and learning, and science and education. To achieve these goals, Sias broadens its students’ views and encourages creativity and independent though among both students and faculty through an innovative curriculum and diverse campus activities The participation of foreign faculty members an the use of English-language teaching materials also enhance bilingual communication skills among the students. All this encourages Sias’ students to explore global strategies to develop and evolve their problem-solving abilities. Sias aims to nurture talent and develop sophisticated and specialized individuals that can contribute to the modernization and economic development of China.


At present, Sias has 17 academic schools with both undergraduate majors and junior college programs (Associate Degree and Bridge Programs), including 1 Sino-foreign cooperative institution (Kansas International School). There are 3 degree programs with Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in Kansas – a Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Arts. In cooperation with the University of Arizona, Sias has an undergraduate program in Music Performance. There are 9 major disciplines which mainly include management, the humanities, and the social sciences.


Today, Sias has an enrollment of over 36,000 students and employs over 2,200 staff with 1,626 full-time faculty members, including 110 full-time foreign teachers. Sias’ ratio of foreign faculty to students ranks first in China. They offer 43 undergraduate degree programs, 28 associate degree programs, 22 bridge programs, and 6 dual degree program with Fort Hays State University. The 9 fields of study offering degrees include liberal arts, science, engineering, economics, management, medicine, law, education, and the performing arts.


As an international university, Sias enjoys partnerships with 184 international partner schools in 50 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, India, Thailand, and Indonesia. They currently have  large number of international students from over 25 countries, as well as faculty members whose expertise and training embrace both Chinese and Western educational philosophies.


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