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About Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation

Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation is an aviation college approved by Sichuan Provincial Government. The college is located in Jintang University Town, Chengdu City, which was awarded as a national AAA tourist attraction in 2014. The college is built on the philosophy of “Humanity, Technology, Fantasy and Classics” and strives to build a century-old school with British classics style.

In 2014, the college was awarded the title of “The Most Beautiful University in Sichuan” in the activity of “My University – Looking for the Most Beautiful Campus in Sichuan” initiated by Sichuan Daily Newspaper Group.

In May 2016, the college’s British-style campus became popular on the Internet and was widely reported by many domestic and foreign mainstream media, including China Daily Overseas Edition, China News Agency and Xinhua News Agency, and was known as a “fairy tale castle”.

The College’s training center has six functions: student training, centralized practical training in regional aviation colleges and universities, initial training for incoming employees of civil aviation enterprises, retraining for in-service employees of civil aviation, social experience and tourism. The aircrew training center is perfect, including Boeing 737-800 aircraft, Airbus A320 full-motion land evacuation cabin, A320 land evacuation cabin, A330 cabin training simulator, B737-800 cabin training simulator, water evacuation training field and other kinds of facilities and equipment.

The college has Civil Aviation Air Crew College, Civil Aviation Safety College, Airport College, Aircraft College an, offering 19 majors including Air Crew, Helicopter Piloting Technology, Fixed-Wing Piloting Technology, Civil Aviation Air Safety and Security, Civil Aviation Safety Technology Management, Airport Operation, Aviation Logistics, Aircraft Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Maintenance, Aircraft Electronic Equipment Maintenance, Aircraft Manufacturing Technology, High-Speed Railway Passenger Service and Passenger Transportation.

In January 2019, the college became an examination center of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Personnel License of Civil Aviation Administration of China.


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Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Jintang University Town, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Department in charge
Sichuan Provincial Department of Education

Current Leader
Wei Quanbin

School Motto
完善自我,创造生活 Perfect Yourself, Create Life

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In 2014, the college was awarded as a national AAA tourist attraction
In March 2015, the school was awarded the title of "China Civil Aviation Science 
Education Base" by the China Civil Aviation Science Education Foundation
In November 2015, the school was awarded the title of "Chengdu Aviation Science 
Popularization Experience Center" by Chengdu City.

Affiliated Company
Sichuan Pan American Education Investment Group Co.

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