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About South China Business College of GDUFS

South China Business College of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (SCBC) is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, next to National Highway 105. It is an independent college at the undergraduate level.

The College has 13 second-level colleges (teaching departments) and offers 41 undergraduate majors; nearly 10,000 students are currently enrolled at SCBC. Read More.



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Comments of SCBC

You can find very useful comments from faculty and students of SCBC here at

Author: XinG; Source: Zhihu

First of all, the campus environment is very beautiful, perfect for studying and dating. Sometimes when you pass by the lake and see swans swimming by in a neat row, you can’t help but stop and watch with your friends, you can feel good all day.

The traffic is still quite convenient, the back door of the school to take the bus about 8 minutes to the Zuliao station, to the Zuliao and then take metro line 14 to Jiahe, the shopping district there is also enough to shop for a while. If you are not satisfied, you can also go to Zhujiang New Town, Beijing Road, Shangxiajiu pedestrian street, to Tianhe shopping malls are quite convenient.

I feel that the more interesting part is the speaking class, the foreign teacher is really interesting. They are also very nice, the class will be a lot of discussion, let us speak English, for pronunciation and grammatical errors will also be very patient correction, the class will also play a lot of interesting video. After a year, you learn quite a lot, speaking progress is also very big.


The food is good in general, there are many varieties. For me at this year, I have not eaten all the food at school canteen. The food quality is quite good. Of course, many stores in the dining hall are outsourced to businesses to do, the price is also more expensive, I myself spend about 50 RMB for three meals a day. For the price index of Guangzhou, it is a good deal. After all, a casual meal outside costs about per capita 50 ~ 100. If you think the price is a bit expensive, you can go to the second floor of the canteen, where the price is cheaper, generally a meal of about ten yuan. The fourth floor has rice dishes, which is really superb; a dish of meat, soup for the price of two yuan, but his quality are completely in accordance with that of RMB 10.

As for the learning atmosphere, I don’t know much about other departments or classes, so I won’t comment. At least our class feels pretty good, some people enrolled in ACCA in freshman year, and then there are a lot of people who have the idea of going to graduate school or public exams, and there are also a lot of people who are desperately trying to improve their GPA for scholarships or to go to Guangwai University to study and exchange. Our dormitory is also quite OK, we sometimes get up early to go to the library to study together on weekends, because the library is always full and we have to go early to find a good place.

In general, SCBC is still quite good, the campus environment is really very good. A random shot is quite scenic. As a university campus, I personally feel that it is still very ideal, in a beautiful environment to study, the mood will naturally be good. As for tuition, private schools charge about the same, others are also to make money. I can only say that the school is like this, if you have to go against the money, to spend money to spend worth, but also to cost-effective, but also a good environment, good teachers, high diploma, good employment resources, food also cheap bowl delicious. You can hardly find another place better.


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