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Xuzhou University of Technology is located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, an important node city of “One Belt, One Road”, a national historical and cultural city, and the center of Huaihai Economic Zone, which is known as the “thoroughfare of five provinces”. The university was founded in 1959 and approved by the Ministry of Education in 2002 to become a full-time undergraduate university. It is a university implementing the National Excellent Engineer Education Training Program, a pilot university of the National Project for the Integration of Education and Industry Development, and the executive vice president of the National Alliance of New Undergraduate Universities.

The university covers an area of 1990.5 mu, with a campus area of 738,300 square meters. The East Campus is planned to cover an area of 924 mu and is built in two phases, with a construction area of 238,000 square meters in the first phase. There are 19 teaching units. There are 61 undergraduate majors and 23,000 full-time students, forming a pattern of coordinated development of science, engineering, agriculture, literature, economics, management, education, art and other disciplines. There are 1,575 faculty members, including 561 with senior titles, 363 with doctoral degrees, and 158 talents at the provincial level or above, such as national candidates for the Hundred Million Talents Project in the New Century, experts receiving special allowances from the State Council, national model teachers, and “experts with outstanding contributions” from Jiangsu Province. The university has consistently adhered to the local and application-oriented orientation, and has persistently practiced the new philosophy of “big application concept, big engineering concept, big life concept, and big culture concept” (referred to as the “Four Views” concept), and the quality of talent training and contribution to service development have been continuously improved. The new concept of “Big Application View, Big Engineering View, Big Life View and Big Culture View” (referred to as “Big Four View”) will continue to improve the quality of talent cultivation and contribution to service development.

In response to the problem that application-oriented colleges and universities are generally subject to narrow “application view”, which leads to the disconnection between students’ professional application ability and career development needs, the university leads the education and teaching reform with “big application view” to realize the effective connection between training specifications and industrial needs, teaching standards and industry standards. The university has adopted a “big application concept” to lead the education and teaching reform, and realized the effective connection between training specifications and industrial needs, teaching standards and industry standards. The university has been awarded 7 national first-class undergraduate majors, 5 national first-class undergraduate courses, 12 national teaching projects such as national specialties, national engineering practice education centers and national international cooperation projects; it has been approved as the innovation and entrepreneurship practice education center for college students in Jiangsu Province, 15 provincial first-class undergraduate majors, 5 provincial key majors (classes) and 10 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers; it has been awarded 15 teaching achievement awards in Jiangsu Province and 10 provincial high-quality teaching materials. There are 15 teaching achievement awards in Jiangsu Province, 44 provincial high-quality teaching materials, key teaching materials and excellent cultivation teaching materials, 2 majors passed the international engineering education professional certification, and 2 majors passed the professional certification (evaluation) of the Ministry of Housing and Construction. It has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission for the project of integration of education and industry, and has taken the lead in establishing the China Collaborative Innovation Platform for the integration of education and industry in photovoltaic engineering and the Xuzhou Branch Center of Jiangsu Mechanical Manufacturing Industry Academician Collaborative Innovation Center, and jointly established the “College of Engineering Machinery Intelligent Manufacturing Industry”, “Huaihai Economic Zone Network Security and Information Technology Industry Six majors have been included in the first batch of undergraduate enrollment and won the first prize of excellent graduation design thesis in Jiangsu Province.

In response to the problem that applied colleges and universities are subject to narrow “engineering view” and “professional view” and ignore the comprehensive and systematic nature of real engineering, which leads to the mismatch between students’ innovation ability and real engineering demand, Xuzhou University of Technology adopts “big engineering view” to lead applied research and service. The university leads the applied research and service to the local area with “big engineering view”, and promotes the penetration and integration between disciplines and majors. The university has 5 provincial key construction disciplines and has been approved as the construction unit of master’s degree in Jiangsu Province; it has built 7 provincial engineering laboratories and 4 provincial key laboratories; it has won the second prize of humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, the first prize of science and technology of Jiangsu Province, the first prize of excellent achievements in philosophy and social sciences of Jiangsu Province and other achievements at the provincial and ministerial level; the university science and technology park has been selected as a national science and technology business incubator. The university was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Unit of Jiangsu Province for Science and Technology to Enrich the People.

Xuzhou University of Technology leads students’ comprehensive and coordinated development with the “Big Life View”, and implements the “Five-One” project to improve students’ literacy in an innovative and operable way in national universities. Every year, more than 200 national and provincial innovation training programs for college students are approved, and more than 600 provincial and ministerial-level awards are won by students in various competitions, including the Grand Prize of the International Mathematical Modeling Competition, the Silver Prize of ACM-ICPC Asia Region, the Gold Prize of “Youth Creation” National College Student Entrepreneurship Competition, the Gold Prize of “Challenge Cup” Jiangsu Province, and the Gold Prize of “Challenge Cup” Jiangsu Province. Five students were awarded the annual figure of college students and the campus youth role model in Jiangsu Province. The university was elected as the chairman of the National University Bridge Association and the vice chairman of the National University Dragon and Lion Dance Association, and was awarded as a school with sports characteristics in Jiangsu Province. For three consecutive years, the university was selected as one of the TOP 300 in the comprehensive ranking of the national general undergraduate universities for innovative talents cultivation and discipline competition.


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