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Zhejiang Financial College is located in the beautiful Qiantang River, Hangzhou Xiasha Higher Education Park, No. 118 Xueyuan Street, East District, covering an area of 612 mu, with a building area of 334,000 square meters and 11,382 students. The comprehensive strength and competitiveness of the school are ranked in the top 1% of the country.

The predecessor of the school is Zhejiang Finance and Banking School established in 1975. 1978, Zhejiang Finance and Banking School was divided into Zhejiang Finance School and Zhejiang Banking School. 1994, Zhejiang Banking School was rated as a national key secondary school. 2000, Zhejiang Banking School was transferred to Zhejiang Province for management, and in June of the same year, the provincial people’s government approved the preparation for the establishment of a higher vocational college. 2002, approved by the provincial people’s government and officially established by the Ministry of Education. In 2003, the school was awarded the first school with excellent grade in talent training level assessment in Zhejiang Province. 2006, the school was identified by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as the first batch of “national model higher vocational colleges and universities” and passed the inspection and acceptance in 2009 with excellent results. In 2014, it was awarded the honorary title of “Zhejiang Model Labor Group”, “National Advanced Group of Vocational Education” and “National University with Typical Experience in Graduate Employment”. In 2016, it won the Huang Yanpei Award for Excellent Vocational Education, and in 2017, it was identified as a key higher vocational institution in Zhejiang Province, and in 2019, it was recognized as a “National Quality School” by the Ministry of Education, and was selected as one of the top 50 vocational institutions in teaching management and student management in China with the second place. In December 2019, it was listed by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as one of the construction units of the high-level vocational school and professional construction program with Chinese characteristics. High employment rate of graduates and good job growth and development. Over the past 46 years, the school has trained a large number of senior managers and entrepreneurial elites in the financial sector, including more than 5,000 bank presidents and managers at all levels, and is known as the “cradle of bank presidents” and “financial whampoa”.

There are more than 610 staff members in the school, nearly 100 professors and doctors, 60 with senior titles, including 1 outstanding principal of the second session of China vocational education, 1 excellent principal of Huang Yanpei vocational education, 2 leading talents (teaching master) of the National “Ten Thousand People Plan”, 1 special allowance of the State Council Government, 1 excellent teacher of Huang Yanpei vocational education, and 1 national vocational education teacher. 1 excellent teacher of vocational education, 1 national teaching innovation team of vocational education teachers, 2 national “double-teacher” teacher training bases, 1 national outstanding teacher, 1 national top 10 influential figures of annual ideological and political theory course in colleges and universities, and 1 national excellent teaching team. There is 1 national-level collaborative innovation center and 1 national securities and futures investor education base. There are 1 model center for teaching development of Zhejiang university teachers, 2 leading talents (teaching masters) of Zhejiang Province “Ten Thousand Plan”, 1 outstanding teacher of Zhejiang Province Huang Yanpei vocational education, 1 outstanding teacher of Zhejiang Province, 4 outstanding teachers of Zhejiang Province, 2 young and middle-aged leaders of disciplines of Zhejiang Province, 22 provincial “151 talents”. 151 talents” 22 people, 18 professional leaders and 12 professional leaders training objects of the provincial high school, 3 provincial teaching teachers, 3 provincial teaching new talents.

Since 2008, teachers of the school have presided over 130 scientific research projects at the provincial and ministerial levels (including 5 projects of the National Social Science Foundation) and nearly 1000 scientific research projects at the departmental and bureau levels. The number of papers published by teachers in 14 core Chinese journals in education has ranked first in national higher vocational institutions for 14 consecutive years.

At present, the college has 7 secondary colleges, including College of Financial Management, College of Investment and Insurance, College of Accounting, College of Business Administration, College of International Business, College of Information Technology and Internet Finance, and College of Humanities and Arts, offering 24 majors. The School of Financial Management offers 3 majors in Financial Services and Management, Rural Finance and International Finance, 2 majors in Insurance Practice and Wealth Management in the School of Investment and Insurance, 3 majors in Big Data and Accounting, Big Data and Financial Management and Credit Management in the School of Accounting, 4 majors in Business Administration, Marketing, E-Commerce and Real Estate Management in the School of Business Administration and 4 majors in International Business School International Economics and Trade, International Business, Business English, Exhibition Planning and Management, Cross-border E-commerce 5 majors, College of Information Technology (Internet Finance College) offers 4 majors in Big Data Technology, Financial Technology Application, Digital Media Technology, Artificial Intelligence Technology Application, College of Humanities and Arts (Sports and Military Department) offers 3 majors in Modern Secretarial, Digital Media Art Design, Advertising Art Design. In 2019, financial management professional group and international trade professional group were selected as a high-level professional group with Chinese characteristics by the Ministry of Education; financial services and management, big data and accounting, international economics and trade, insurance practice, wealth management, marketing and business English were recognized as national backbone majors in 2019 based on the advantageous majors in Zhejiang Province; international finance, international business, rural finance, big data and financial management and Modern Secretarial is a specialty of Zhejiang Province. From 2015, it will jointly train four-year undergraduate talents in Internet financial engineering with China University of Metrology. From 2020, we will cooperate with Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology and Business, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics and Zhejiang Foreign Language Institute to cultivate undergraduate talents. Cooperate with Deqing County Vocational Middle School, Zhejiang Information Engineering School, Hangzhou Finance and Economics Vocational School and Hangzhou Linping Vocational Senior High School for three five-year majors in financial services and management, big data and accounting and e-commerce with the integration of middle and high school.

Chaired the national teaching resource library for finance, national teaching resource library for international trade, national teaching resource library for Internet finance, national teaching resource library for secretarial profession, upgrading and improvement support project for teaching resource library for finance and upgrading and improvement support project for teaching resource library for international trade, and co-led the “Vocational Education Professional Catalogue” (2021) for the major categories of finance and commerce as the vice leader unit Six majors, including financial services and management, take the lead in revising the national professional teaching standards as the team leader, three majors, including international finance, assist in revising the national professional teaching standards as the deputy team leader, and two majors, including marketing, participate in the revision of the national professional standards as the member units.

The college presides over 7 national teaching achievement awards; it has 34 provincial-level quality courses, including 8 national-level quality courses, 8 national-level quality resource sharing courses, 2 national quality online open courses, and has been selected as the construction unit of Zhejiang Province Classroom Innovation School, and 12 projects have been awarded the second batch of teaching reform projects in the “13th Five-Year Plan” of Zhejiang Province Higher Education.

The college has a Marxism College specializing in teaching and research of ideological and political theory courses, a YinLing College for the financial system to carry out order-based personnel training, a Mingli College, a Lady College, a College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for quality education, a College of International Exchange for international exchange and cooperation, and a series of industrial colleges for in-depth cooperation with industrial enterprises, as well as Zhejiang Rural Cooperative Finance College, Zhejiang Commercial Bank Training College and Financial Investment College. Bank Training Institute, Financial Investment Institute and other special training institutions. It has formed a scientific research organization of “one think tank + two synergy + three centers”, namely, think tank of local finance research; Zhejiang Province Service Trillion Financial Industry Industry, University Research Synergy Innovation Base, Cross-border E-Commerce Integrated Service Application Technology Synergy Innovation Center; Higher Vocational Education Development Research Center, Zhejiang Local Finance Development Research Center, Czech Republic Research Center, and several school-level scientific research institutions. Zhejiang Financial College has a number of university-level research institutions.

Zhejiang Financial College has 8 national experimental training bases on campus, more than 60 provincial experimental training bases on campus, more than 200 off-campus internship bases and more than 100 off-campus close industry-university cooperation bases. There are 6 majors in the first and second batches of national pilot projects of 1+X certificate, 2 professional groups of financial management and accounting in the national “double-teacher” teacher training base, “Internet + international trade” innovation and entrepreneurship training base, Internet Two projects of “Internet+International Trade” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Base and “Internet Virtual Operation” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Base have been listed as national innovation and entrepreneurship training bases, and two projects of “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” of Zhejiang Province have been listed as model training bases for higher vocational education, and the school has been selected as the second batch of pilot units of modern apprenticeship system in Zhejiang Province.

The Czech Research Center of the university is a country and regional research center registered by the Ministry of Education, a unit of the “Belt and Road” Think Tank Cooperation Alliance of Zhejiang Province, a cultivation unit of the new think tank serving the “Belt and Road” of Zhejiang Province, and a director unit of the China-Central and Eastern European Countries Think Tank Exchange and Cooperation Network. As of April 2021, the Research Center has been awarded as a high-level construction unit for country and regional studies by the Ministry of Education. As of April 2021, the special reports submitted by the Research Center have been approved by the leaders of Zhejiang Provincial Government for 18 times and submitted to the State Office for 3 times. The University has appointed former Czech Prime Minister Jiří Parubec and Marek Hrubec, Director of the Center for Global Studies of the Czech Academy of Sciences, as Distinguished Professors, and flexibly introduced five experts in the field of Central and Eastern European Studies. The university cooperated with Sunshine Coast University in Australia, Seattle City University in the United States and Concordia University in Irvine to hold Sino-foreign cooperative study programs in international finance, exhibition planning and management, international business and accounting, with 537 students enrolled in the programs. The university has steadily developed international student education, improved the quality of students and optimized the structure of countries, attracting international students from more than ten countries such as Russia, Nepal, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Cameroon to study in the university.

Hangzhou Credit Appraisal Company and Zhejiang Golden Court Training Center, which are wholly owned by the university, are the main windows for the university to serve the society. Zhejiang Financial Vocational College Alumni Association” and “Zhejiang Financial Education Foundation” are attached to the school as important support forces for school operation. The school and the members of Zhejiang Financial Vocational Education Group and other partners jointly founded Hangzhou United Inclusive Finance College, Flush Intelligent Investment College, UFIDA Xindao Cloud Finance College, Alibaba Digital Trade College, Zhejiang International Trade Group Business School, Suning Business School, Xinhuasan Artificial Intelligence College, Zhejiang Jinwenchuang Industry Secondary College, Zhejiang Zhongcheng Accounting College and other industrial secondary colleges, and collaborated to build There are 235 on-campus and off-campus industry-education integration-type internship training bases.

Since 2004, the school has been cooperating with more than 100 financial institutions such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Postal Savings Bank, Zhejiang Commercial Bank, Zhejiang Rural Credit Cooperative Society, China Minsheng Bank, Zhejiang Taelong Commercial Bank, Taizhou Bank and Cinda Futures to cultivate order talents. In 2008, the school set up a second-level college specifically responsible for financial institution order training – YinLing College, the number of order training students each year to maintain the scale of about 800, a total of more than 10,000 application-oriented financial talent to the order units.

The school led 15 core units and main participating units to set up Zhejiang Province Service Trillion Financial Industry Industry University Research Collaborative Innovation Base, which was recognized by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education as a provincial demonstration base for the integration of industry and education. Led by 15 core units and major participating units, the university established the Collaborative Innovation Center of Zhejiang Province for Cross-border E-Commerce Integrated Service Application Technology, which was recognized as a national-level Collaborative Innovation Center by the Ministry of Education of China. Zhejiang Securities and Futures Investor Education Base” was established and selected as the third batch of “National Securities and Futures Investor Education Base” by China Securities Regulatory Commission, which is the first investor education base independently declared and selected among more than 3,000 universities in China. In 2015, the customer service center of Zheshang Bank headquartered in the school (the only “bank in school” in China) and built a bank customer service training base with the school. The school is also committed to serving local development, and cooperates with Deqing County People’s Government and Zhejiang Rural Credit Cooperative Society to establish the mixed ownership Zhejiang Finance Vocational College Deqing College, and cooperates with Jiande City People’s Government and the enterprises in Zhejiang West Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park in Jiande City to jointly establish the mixed ownership Zhejiang Finance Jiande Cross-border E-commerce Business School.

Over the past 46 years, Zhejiang Financial College has delivered nearly 60,000 excellent economic and financial talents to financial institutions in Zhejiang Province and even across the country, and most of the graduates have taken up leadership positions or become business backbones, with more than 5,000 cadres above the vice president of branches, and nearly 100 alumni have become leaders of provincial branches and above. The school vigorously implements the three projects of “Thousand days of student growth”, “Ten million teachers training” and “Thousand flowers blooming for alumni”, insisting on student-oriented, teacher-based and alumni-based, to build The development community of teachers, students and alumni. Adhering to the policy of “vocational quality and vocational skills cultivation”, taking the “Thousand Days Growth Project” as the grasp of students, and deeply implementing the “character optimization, professional deepening, ability strengthening, image beautification “The main content of the project is to improve the vocational quality of students, and actively promote career planning and entrepreneurship education according to the requirements of “one year to be skilled in a job, three years to become a backbone, five years to become a supervisor, seven years to achieve development, nine years to achieve a career, and a lifetime of peace and happiness”, and the work of talent training has achieved remarkable The results have been remarkable. The initial employment rate of graduates has been maintained at over 98% for years.

The school has been praised and commended by Xi Jinping, Zhang Dejiang, Li Qiang, Zhao Hongzhu, Xia Baolong and other Party and State leaders, and Comrade Liu Yandong and Chen Miner have visited the school and given their recognition and encouragement.

On November 2, 2005, the 30th anniversary of the college, General Secretary Xi Jinping, then Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, sent a congratulatory letter to the school, asking the school to adhere to the direction of socialism, firmly establish and fully implement the scientific concept of development, continue to carry forward the good tradition, comprehensively promote quality education, constantly improve the quality of teaching and schooling, and strive to build the school into a model with its own characteristics We will strive to build the school into a model higher vocational institution with its own characteristics, and train more high-quality applied talents for the society.


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