Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Trade

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Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Trade (ZJIET) is a public higher vocational college jointly built by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province and Provincial Department of All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, which focuses on commerce circulation. It was previously named Zhejiang Supply and Marketing School from 1979 to 1984 and then Zhejiang Institute of Workers of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives until 1999, when it was approved by the provincial government to build it into a higher vocational college. The institute was set up and was renamed as it is now in 2002 and then moved to Xiasha Higher Education Area in 2004. With ten departments, namely, Information Technology, Finance and Accounting, Humanities and Tourism, Business Administration, Application Project, International Trade, Cooperative Economy, Public Education, Marxism and Adult Education, the school has 31 higher vocational majors and vocational directions. Among others, there is 1 higher vocational bachelor’s degree program and 2 junior bachelor degree programs, namely, E-commerce, Computer Science and Technology. With a good location, the 575 mu (near 100 acres) campus is beautiful, accommodating over 12,000 full-time students and more than 600 faculty members.

The institute has always adhered to the concept of running a school openly and has bravely shouldered the mission of vocational education. It has actively created an international education environment, making every effort to promote international exchanges and cooperation and focusing on cultivating technical and skilled talents who are familiar with the world standards and who have an international perspective. What’s more, the institute has been serving the national Belt and Road Initiatives by both bringing in foreign education resources and sending teachers and students abroad. It has set up international cooperation programs to increase production capacity, broaden communication channels and expand cooperation areas. It has actively built the overseas Silk Road Institutes (Luban Workshops), increasing the number of international students, sharing China’s vocational education model and experience with the world and comprehensively raising up the school’s international education level and international influence. Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Trade has won many honorary awards in the international education field, such as a Top 50 National Vocational Colleges with International Influence and a Top 50 Influential Vocational Colleges in Asia Pacific.


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