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Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics is a full-time public higher vocational institution under Zhejiang Mechanical and Electrical Group Co., Ltd. and was recognized as one of the first model higher vocational institutions in Zhejiang Province in 2012.

The university currently has 7 secondary colleges, offering 29 higher vocational specialties. It has more than 8,800 students and nearly 600 teachers.

The university is listed by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as the third type of high-level professional group construction unit (B grade).


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浙经院 (ZJTIE)

Zhejiang, China

No. 66 Xuezheng Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Nature of schooling
Public university

Department in charge
Zhejiang Province Mechanical and Electrical Group Co.

Current leaders
Secretary of Party Committee: Luo Guanglin 
Dean: Shao Qingxiang

School Day
The last Saturday of October every year

Famous Alumni
Qiao Xuan

Virtue-based, Application-based, Optimization-based, Excellence-based

Institution Code

Year of Establishment

Colleges and departments
School of Digital Information Technology, 
School of Logistics Technology, 
School of Automotive Technology, 
School of Commerce and Distribution, etc.

School Features
A provincial higher vocational school.
Zhejiang Model Higher Vocational Institution (2012)
National Backbone Higher Vocational Institution (2013)
Construction Plan of High-level Vocational Schools with Chinese Characteristics

Type of school
Finance and Economics



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