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Zhengzhou University (abbreviated as ZZU) is established by the People’s Government of Henan Province, with its legal domicile at 100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. The university covers a total area of more than 5,700 mu and has four campuses: the main campus (No. 100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou City), the south campus (No. 75 North University Road, Zhengzhou City), the north campus (No. 97 Culture Road, Zhengzhou City) and the east campus (No. 40 North University Road, Zhengzhou City). The university is open to the whole country, with more than 50,000 full-time undergraduates, 22,000 postgraduates (including part-time), and more than 2,500 international students from 85 countries.

Zhengzhou University is one of the key universities under the national “211 Project”, one of the first-class universities and one of the “Ministry-Province Cooperation”. Standing at a new historical starting point, the university has established a comprehensive research-oriented orientation and put forward a “three-step” development strategy for the construction of a first-class university, striving to become a world-class comprehensive research university by the middle of this century.

The medical education of Zhengzhou University originated from the Fifth National Sun Yat-sen University in 1928, and Henan Medical College was established independently in 1952, which started the first medical higher education in Henan; the former Zhengzhou University was founded in 1956, which is the first comprehensive university founded by new China, and was included in the national “211 Project” key construction in 1996. In July 2000, the former Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou University of Technology and Henan Medical University were merged to form the new Zhengzhou University. Professor JI Wenfu, an educator, historian and philosopher, Professor Huo Bingquan, a physicist, Professor Hou Depeng, a chemist, academician Zhong Xiangchong, an expert in refractory materials, Professor Sun Guoliang, an expert in civil engineering, Professor Dong Minsheng, an expert in otorhinolaryngology, Professor Shen Qiong, the founder of esophageal cytology, Professor Su Shoucheng, an expert in human parasitology, Professor February He, a representative of Nanyang Writers Group, and a large number of famous experts and scholars have been here They have been teaching and promoting literature.

Rooted in the profound and steady culture of the Central Plains, the University has formed the fine quality of being tolerant, generous and enterprising; gathering the intermingling and symbiosis of multiple cultures, with students coming from 34 provincial-level administrative regions and 85 countries in the world, forming a cultural atmosphere of multi-regional, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural exchanges and integration; balanced development of 12 disciplines, including arts, science, engineering, medicine and agriculture, forming a multi-disciplinary crossover and complementary The culture of the three old campuses has been accumulated and sublimated over a long period of time, which has nurtured the mission and spirit of Zheng University of “Seeking and Taking Charge” and formed the school spirit of “Faithfulness, Benevolence, Prudence and Diligence”. While strengthening its own cultural construction, the university focuses on its social responsibility of cultural leadership and strives to make new contributions to the inheritance and innovation of Chinese civilization.

The university has 12 major disciplines of philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and art, with balanced development of each discipline; three first-class construction disciplines of clinical medicine, materials science and engineering, and chemistry; six national key disciplines of condensed matter physics, materials processing engineering, ancient Chinese history, organic chemistry, chemical technology, and pathology and pathophysiology; and six national There are 6 national key disciplines, including condensed matter physics, material science, clinical medicine, engineering, pharmacology and toxicology, biology and biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, neuroscience and behavior; 8 disciplines (fields) with ESI ranking in the top 1% globally, including clinical medicine with ESI ranking in the top 1.43‰ globally, chemistry with ESI ranking in the top 1.39‰ globally; ESI academic institution ranking in the top 607th place globally. The university is ranked 607th in the world and 39th in national universities. The university has 30 authorized points of doctoral degree and 3 authorized points of professional degree in primary disciplines, 59 authorized points of master’s degree and 32 authorized points of professional degree in primary disciplines, and 28 postdoctoral research stations. There are more than 5,800 faculty members, including 17 academicians and members of academic departments of the two academies, 4 overseas academicians, 7 recipients of the National Outstanding Young Scientists Fund, 11 candidates of the Changjiang Scholars Award Program, 11 candidates of the National There are 24 candidates of “Hundred Million Talents Project”, 756 professors and 2,656 teachers with doctoral degree, forming a team led by academicians and academic masters, with “Jieqing” and “Changjiang” as academic leaders. The team of talents is led by academicians and academic masters, led by “Jieqing” and “Changjiang”, and led by young doctors. Academician Cui Junzhi of Chinese Academy of Engineering is the president of Henan Provincial Institute of Big Data, Academician Gao Jun of Chinese Academy of Sciences is the president of College of Earth Science and Technology, Academician He Jilin of Chinese Academy of Engineering is the president of College of Materials Science and Engineering and Henan Provincial Institute of Resources and Materials Industry Technology, Academician Wang Fuming of Chinese Academy of Engineering is the president of Underground Engineering Research Institute, Academician Chen Fen’er of Chinese Academy of Engineering is the president of College of Pharmacy and Drug Research Institute Dean, Nick Lemon, academician of the British Academy of Medical Sciences and foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as Dean of the College of Medical Sciences of Zhengzhou University, Liu Qingzhu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, as Dean of the College of History and the Central Plains Institute of History and Culture (College of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage), Jin Beibei, academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, as Dean of the College of Business, Mr. Nan Zhenzhong and Mr. Zhang Hai, etc. teach in our school.

There are 51 departments and 117 undergraduate majors in the main campus of the university. There are 4 national teaching teams, 6 national teaching masters, 6 national pilot majors for comprehensive reform, 14 national specialty majors, 17 national certified majors, 5 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 national virtual simulation experimental teaching center, 3 national virtual simulation experimental teaching programs, 7 national engineering practice education centers, 14 national 14 national quality courses, 4 national quality video open courses, 14 national quality resource sharing courses, 2 national bilingual teaching demonstration courses, 7 national quality online open courses, 2 national experimental zones for innovation of talent cultivation mode, 1 national base for research and teaching talent cultivation in basic science, 1 national base for cultural quality education of college students, 2 national bases for off-campus practice education of college students. The university has won 10 national teaching achievement awards. The university has been listed as a national university for cultivating excellent engineers, excellent legal talents and excellent doctors. The university was selected as the “advanced unit in the implementation of the national innovation and entrepreneurship training program for college students in 2012-2014”, the first batch of national demonstration schools for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, and the national innovation and entrepreneurship typical experience colleges and universities. The university has been nurturing orchids and flowers, and its millions of alumni have become the builders of national rejuvenation and the backbone of various industries, forming the unique “Zhengda Brand”.

The university has developed an implementation plan for integrating into the Zheng-Luo-Xin National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone around the implementation of major national strategies, and built an innovation-driven development system. The university has the State Key Laboratory of Esophageal Cancer Prevention and Treatment, the National Engineering Research Center of Rubber and Plastic Mould, the National Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Green Metallurgy and Processing, the National Engineering Laboratory of Internet Healthcare, the National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Major Infrastructure Testing and Repair Technology, the National Research and Promotion Center of Calcium-Magnesium-Phosphorus Compound Fertilizer Technology, the National Research Center of Drug Safety Evaluation, the Provincial and Ministerial Collaborative Innovation Center of Resource Materials, the National Center for Territorial Sovereignty and Marine Science and Technology, and the National Research Center of the National Science and Technology Center. National Center for Collaborative Innovation on Territorial Sovereignty and Maritime Rights and Interests (collaborative unit); one national clinical research base for drugs and one national training base for intellectual property rights. The National Supercomputing Center in Zhengzhou was approved for establishment. There are 12 key laboratories, engineering research centers and key research bases of humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education; there are 7 provincial-level collaborative innovation centers such as water conservancy and transportation infrastructure safety protection. The university has established direct research institutions such as Henan Resources and Materials Industrial Technology Research Institute, Zhengzhou University Academy of Medical Sciences, Zhengzhou University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Zhengzhou University Center for Modern Analysis and Gene Sequencing.

The university has established friendly cooperation with 262 universities or research institutions in 51 countries and regions, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, and cooperated with eight foreign universities, such as the University of Wisconsin-Stout and Prattville, the University of Wollongong in Australia, the University of Lodz in Poland, and the Belarusian State Conservatory of Music, in establishing Confucius Institutes in India and Georgia and Confucius Classrooms in the United States. The university is a member of the “Russian-Chinese Language and Culture Association”. The university is a founding member of the Sino-Russian Association of Universities in Language and Culture, a founding member of the Sino-Russian Association of Universities in Journalism Education, a member of the Sino-Russian Association of Universities in Medical Sciences, and a member of the Association of Presidents of South and Southeast Asian Universities. “The university is a member of South and Southeast Asia University Presidents’ Association, Silk Road University Alliance, China-Central and Eastern Europe Association of Universities, and as the first batch of local universities, it is selected as As one of the first local universities, it is selected as a pilot unit of the “Internationalization Model College Promotion Plan”. It has six national international joint research centers, such as micro and nano molding technology, cell and gene therapy, intelligent design of low carbon and environmental protection materials, cancer chemoprevention, underground infrastructure non-excavation technology and electronic materials and systems, as well as the discipline innovation and intelligence base of lightweight and functionalized polymer molding and mold and functional molecule green construction and application (National “111 Program”). “). It was ranked 37th in the 2019 ranking of internationalization level of Chinese universities. The university took the lead in establishing the National University Science and Technology Park of Henan Province, and the University Science and Technology Park of Zhengzhou University was recognized as the University Science and Technology Park of Henan Province. Build the brand of Zhengzhou University Engineering and Technology Services, and Zhengzhou University Construction Technology Group became a leading enterprise in Henan civil construction industry. Promoting the group development of affiliated hospitals, the 10 affiliated hospitals have 36 national clinical key specialties, 141 provincial medical key disciplines, more than 33,000 open beds, annual outpatient volume exceeds 20 million (times), and medical service capacity continues to improve, becoming the “group army” of medical industry in Henan Province.

The construction of Zhengzhou University as a world-class university carries the call for the modernization of the economy and society in the Central Plains, the expectation of hundreds of millions of people in Henan to enjoy high-quality higher education, the trust of local universities to become stronger, and the will of the rise of the Central Plains and national rejuvenation. Promote the construction of world-class comprehensive research universities, effectively play the role of cultural leadership, talent support, science and technology support, and make new and greater contributions to the overall building of a well-off society, the rise of the Central Plains and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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