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Xi'an University of Finance and Economics

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I. Overview

Xi’an University of Finance and Economics (XUFE) is a general institute of higher education sponsored byShaanxi Provincial People’s Government and jointly established byShaanxi Provincial People’s Government and National Bureau of Statistics.It has four campuses, namely Chang’anCampus, YantaCampus, Cuihua EastCampus and Cuihua West Campus, covering an area of more than 1,600 mu. The University focuses on economics and management, highlights advantages and characteristics of statistics, science of finance, finance, accounting and other disciplines, strengthens supporting functions of literature, law, science, engineering and art, and around the needs of national and local development strategies, promotes multidisciplinary integration and coordinated development.

TheUniversity now has 14schools (departments), 47undergraduate majors, 6 authorized first-level disciplineswith master’s degreeand 12 authorizedunits with master’s degree. At present, there are 12 national-level “first-class professional” constructionunitsand 11 provincial-level “first-class professional” constructionunits; It has 20 teaching teams above the provincial and ministerial level, including the “Ideological and Political Teaching Team of Microeconomics Course” of the Ministry of Education, the “Economics Teaching Team” of Shaanxi Province, and the “Professional Teaching Team of Statistics” of Shaanxi Province.

The University currently has more than 1,100 full-time teachers, including 63 candidates for major national talent projects, provincial and ministerial talent plans, and title winners. In the past five years, 7 scientific research and innovation teams above the provincial and ministerial level have been approved, including the“Sanqin Scholar” (national first-class) innovation team in Shaanxi Province, and the scientific and technological innovation team of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration. The University now has 18 provincial and ministerial scientific research bases such as China (Xi’an) Silk Road Research Institute, Collaborative Innovation Research Institute of Western Energy Economy and Regional Development, Shaanxi Social and Economic Development Monitoring, Early Warning and Statistics Research Institute, etc., which is a good scientific research platform and support.

The University adheres to the open-up enrollment. In terms of personnel training and scientific research, it has established stable exchanges and cooperative relations with 87 famous universities and research institutions in Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea and other countries.

Over the past 70 years since the establishment of the University, the generations of XUFE people have taken building morality and cultivating people as their fundamental task, adhering to the school motto of“erudition, reasonableness, sincerity, and benefiting mankind”, and abiding by“educating people first, giving priority to quality, strengthening the University with talents, and developing with characteristics” The school-running philosophy has made remarkable achievements in personnel training, scientific research innovation, cultural inheritance and serving the society.

At present, Xi’an University of Finance and Economics, guided by high-quality development, is moving towards the goal of building a high-level university of finance and economics with distinctive characteristics. The University openly recruits doctoral talents at home and abroad with liberal wages and benefits, and sincerely welcomes outstanding talents to join us!

II. Post benefits

The employment period is two years (24 months), and the annual salary system is implemented, with a pre-tax income of RMB ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY THOUSAND (in figures: RMB 180000.00).

III. Recruiting majors

 S/N School (Department) Number of people planned Discipline orientation Department contact details
1 School of Economy 3 Applied Economics, Theoretical Economics Contact person: Teacher Chu

Tel.: 029-81556294

Recruitment Email: jjxy@mail.xaufe.edu.cn

2 School of Statistics 2 Statistics, Computer and Artificial Intelligence, Quantitative Economics Contact person: Teacher Cao

Recruitment Email: tjxy@mail.xaufe.edu.cn

3 School of Business 3 Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing, Enterprise Management (Strategic Management, Marketing, Organizational Management, Human Resource Management, Enterprise Production Management, Quality Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management, Technical and Economic Management, etc.), Business Data Analysis, Taxation, Finance Science, Finance, Investment, Quantitative Economy Contact person: Teacher Liu

Tel.: 029-81556805

Recruitment Email: liupg615412@xaufe.edu.cn

4 School of Management 3 Management Science and Engineering Contact person: Teacher Du

Tel.: 029-81556257

Recruitment Email: glxy@mail.xaufe.edu.cn

5 School of Public Administration 3 Public Administration Contact person: Teacher Zhao

Tel.: 029-81556890

Recruitment Email: ggglxy@mail.xaufe.edu.cn

6 School of Information 2 Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Cyberspace Security, Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration Contact person: Teacher Zhang

Tel.: 029-81556317

Recruitment Email: xxxy@mail.xaufe.edu.cn

7 School of Art 2 Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism and Communication, Drama and Film & Television, Design Contact person: Teacher Liu

Tel.: 029-83695806

Recruitment Email: wxy@mail.xaufe.edu.cn


School of Foreign Language

5 Foreign Language and Literature, Regional Studies, International Chinese Communication (Interdisciplinary of Foreign Language Literature and Journalism Communication), Computer-aided Translation (Interdisciplinary of Translation and Computer Science and Technology), International Business Translation (Interdisciplinary of Translation and International Business) Contact person: Teacher Zhou

Tel.: 029-83695534

Recruitment Email: wgyxy@mail.xaufe.edu.cn

9 School of Mathematics 2 Computer Science and Technology, Mathematics, Applied Economics Contact person: Teacher Sun

Recruitment Email: sxxy@mail.xaufe.edu.cn

IV. Recruitment conditions

(1) Applicant should be under the age of 45 and in good health.

(2) Hold a doctorate degree from a well-known domestic university or scientific research institution, have teaching or research experience, and able to independently teach at least one professional course in Chinese or English.

(3) The professional background is in line with the discipline setting of the University and meets the teaching needs of the corresponding majors.

(4)Comply with relevant provisions of the Regulations on the Management of Employment of Foreigners in China, the Regulations on the Employment of Foreign Cultural and Educational Experts and Teachers by Institutions of Higher Learning, and the Measures for the Employment of Foreign Professionals by Schools and Other Educational Institutions, and must be recommended by two domestic experts in relevant fields, one of whom is his/her own doctoral supervisor.

V. Application methods

The registration method is online registration. Applicants should submit resumes according to the contact information of the proposed school (department). Meanwhile, applicants should submit the Application Form of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics for Foreign Professional Teachers, the Form on Referral of Foreign Professional Teachers in Related Fields of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics, passport, academic degree certificate, academic achievements (main papers and related search certificates, works, scientific research projects and awards, inventions and creations and awards) and other relevant certification materials by email in the form of attachments (the attachments shall be a compressed package) to the email address of the school (department) applied for. The theme of the Email and the naming format of the attachments should be “Post – Graduation Institution- Major – Name”. Any applicants with incomplete materials and formats that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted. Please back up the registration materials by yourself.

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