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Position Title: Academic and Support Services Manager, Fuzhou Melbourne polytechnic, China
Department: Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic – China
Position Reports to: Director, Asia Academic Operations
Direct Reports:

  • Lead Teacher FMP
  • Academic Services Officer

Position Description Issue Date: November 2021
Location: Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic – China


About Melbourne Polytechnic

Melbourne Polytechnic offers the perfect combination of higher education and vocational learning, delivered by teachers with real-world experience and expertise. Through a network of six metropolitan campuses and a regional campus in Ararat, Melbourne Polytechnic offers a range of degrees, certificates and diplomas across the whole higher education and vocational training spectrum.


Position Purpose

1. As the Senior Melbourne Polytechnic staff member on campus you will responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic (FMP) staff and student service. Ensuring that there is a clear focus on the delivery of customer service within a quality, continuous improvement framework.
2. Provide students and staff with a positive learning environment where any issues affecting the student and staff code of conduct arising are addressed promptly and in a constructive way.
3. Ensure the welfare related services of FMP are delivered and monitored in line with the expectations of Melbourne Polytechnic and FMP.
4. Manage the functions and allocation of resources that support Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic’s strategic directions through the development and implementation of operational plans and actions.
5. Manage the performance and provide leadership to FMP non-academic staff to ensure that indicators for measurable outcomes and evidence-based evaluations are met.
6. Prepare an annual budget, monitor income and expenditure and take timely action to identify and rectify budget issues as they arise.
7. Implement, monitor and report on the Melbourne Polytechnic staff and student feedback processes for all stakeholders and action any issues as part of the continuous improvement framework.
8. Support the Joint Management Committee in its role of corporate management of Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic through active participation in and identification of new initiatives aimed at the improvement of the student experience.
9. Ensure that all staff – student communication are appropriate and timely to engage students with their study experience and campus life.
10. Manage and provide support for a team of professional staff, including Counsellors and Disability Liaison officers.
11. Convene meetings and chair working parties and other groups as required using routine professional practice.


Key Responsibilities

The Academic and Support Services Manager:
1. Oversees academic administration and significantly contributes to corporate and academic governance and
2. Ensures compliance with the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and the Australian Standards Qualification Authority (ASQA).
3. Identify and develop opportunities for the growth and development of Higher Education curricula and VET programs.
4. Lead and manage the student lifecycle process, including the student experience across Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic, through its programs, services, systems, processes and engagement activities ensuring a positive experience from enquiry to alumni.
5. Lead the Enrolment functions of the Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic, and ensure the provision of accurate and validated reports to external Australian and Chinese governments as well as state/provincial regulatory bodies and the Melbourne Polytechnic Board, Directors and Executive staff.
6. Assist in the development and execution of strategic plans incorporating annual operational plans for the Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic which contribute to the ongoing development, responsiveness and improvement of Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic’s business position within VET and Higher Education sectors.
7. Ensure that Melbourne Polytechnic policies and relevant procedures are effectively implemented and are clearly communicated to relevant business units and teaching departments on the Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic campus.
8. Implement and manage Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic’s marketing and Enrolment information and data systems which integrate with the functions of core business units particularly Finance, Information Services, Marketing & Corporate Communications and ICT Departments.
9. Ensure that the Student Management System (SMS is consistent with the reporting requirements of Chinese and Australian Governments.
10. Establish appropriate mechanisms for the proper validation and production of student statistical data reports as required by Chinese and Australian Government agencies.
11. Working with the Head of Schools in the effective planning and execution of internal and external audits.
12. Represent Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic at senior executive meetings with government agencies and provide strategic advice and direction to Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic about relevant issues presented by government agencies.
13. Provide senior Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic staff with advice and direction in regards to dealing with student complaints and grievances and lead the deliberations and decisions making processes to resolve the issues.
14. Prepare and provide executive advice to Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic Management Committees in relation to the all functions of the Fuzhou. Melbourne Polytechnic campus.
15. Prepare annual marketing plans and related budgets.
16. Working in collaboration with the Melbourne Polytechnic Marketing and Communication Department, coordinate and facilitate all aspects of marketing and promotional materials including, website, brochure, electronic newsletters and marketing trips which form part of the International Office Operations.
17. Monitor expenditure, review budgets, advise management of significant financial irregularities, rectify minor financial irregularities and identify opportunities for improving financial outcomes.


Key Selection Criteria

.1. Tertiary qualifications, preferably at postgraduate level, in disciplines relevant to the delivery of Academic and Learning Support Services together with significant successful experience in service delivery in a large educational organization.
2. Excellent organizational and planning skills able to be utilized in a strategic planning and reporting framework.
3. Excellent communication skills, oral and written and evidence of implementation in a large and complex organization.
4. Demonstrate ability to lead, motivate and performance manage staff in an environment of
significant and ongoing change.
5. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the legislative and compliance environment in which Melbourne Polytechnic and Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic operates.
6. High level capacity to evaluate data and prepare reports and related documents to inform decision making by senior management,
7. Ability to conduct investigations and analysis to form and implement decisions in relation to the management of students.
8. Evidence of flexible work practices and the ability to evaluate and prioritize tasks in a strategic manner.



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