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About us:

The Kaiserslautern Intelligent Manufacturing School of Shanghai Dianji University (Kaiserslautern Kolleg für Intelligente Produktion – KKIP) was officially approved by the Ministry of Education of the PR China in 2021. It developed from the Sino-German School for Intelligent Production established in 2016. It cultivates multidisciplinary talents with professional technical ability and liberal arts knowledge in the subjects Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics and Technical Logistics, offering a Bachelor Degree in Engineering.

Graduates will engage in digital design of mechanical and electrical products, systematical design and integration in intelligent manufacturing and production line, system operation and maintenance, technical services and management in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

KKIP is proud of its top-tier faculty team and talented and motivated students. It has first-class teaching facilities and cutting-edge laboratories such as a smart factory demonstration line with industry 4.0 elements, mechatronics concept design and simulation facilities.

Since 2016 the school has sent students to its German partner universities, Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences and Bremen City University of Applied Sciences; successful studies in China and Germany lead to a Double Bachelor Degree in Engineering.

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About the position:

KKIP offers a position for an instructor to teach undergraduate courses for students of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering. The teaching language is German. Courses to be taught are Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering related, such as courses in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Logistics. Courses may include a small number of laboratory-based courses. Depending on the applicant’s experience, the title of Assistant, Associate or Full Teaching Professor, respectively, is offered.



Teaching responsibilities include delivering up to 2 classes per academic year, each requiring 8 academic hours of lectures and 2 hours of office hours per week based on a term length of 18 weeks. (This will be slightly different for laboratory courses.)

The instructor is expected to participate in other school activities, including curriculum development, syllabus and teaching plan design, course evaluations etc. Instructors are encouraged to conduct research and collaborate with other faculty to apply for related research programmes and publish articles in periodicals. They are also encouraged to make use of the smart factory demonstration line.

Starting: Before September 2022



Applicants are expected to hold a doctoral degree from an international university (German language universities preferred) in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Logistics, Intelligent Manufacturing or a related field as well as native-level English language skills.

Working experience of two years or more after having obtained the doctoral degree, as a post-doctoral student or as an instructor, is welcomed. The instructor should have experience in teaching undergraduate and/or graduate courses in Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, including subjects such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc.

A successful applicant is passionate about teaching, willing to stay in Shanghai for a period of at least 3 to 5 years and will consider a long-term commitment to teaching at the School. In support, the position provides for a career title progression in the “Teaching Professor” track analogous to that of research faculty, but without tenure.


Salary & Benefit:

The salary will be negotiated according to the applicant’s experience and qualifications. The applicant will receive the usual social benefits; comprehensive health insurance in China is provided. SDJU will help new faculty with a transitional apartment provided by the school at a preferential rent. A financial housing benefit for rented apartments is also available.



Application Material:

Submit the following documents through CTJ online application or email to

  1. Cover letter with details on background and qualifications
  2. Complete Curriculum Vitae
  3. Copies of degree certificates
  4. Names of two references
  5. Other supporting material

* Please mention when submitting your application.

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