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Chern Institute of Mathematics (CIM) is an open research institute established in 1985 by the renowned mathematician Shiing-Shen Chern. Following the guideline “based at Nankai, serving the country, and embracing the world”, which is proposed by Professor Shiing-Shen Chern as the principle of CIM, and according to its status of development, the institute officially launched the CIM Visiting Scholars Program in May 2005. This program aims to promote the communication and cooperation on mathematical research, and to provide good work condition and services to mathematicians at home and abroad. Through the visiting of mathematicians in different research fields and from different countries and regions, it can largely motivate mathematical research and push forward the development of mathematics. Currently the program is in steady progress. Below are the revised terms of the program in accordance with the present situation:

Ⅰ. Application Requirements

1.  Doctoral degree is required for scholars applying for visit;

2. The program accepts applications from both individuals and groups. For individuals, visiting scholars can pick their own subjects as the research topic; CIM can also provide supports for groups of visitors who intend to work on topics of their common interest using the resources at CIM.

3. To ensure the smooth progress of the research, visiting scholars supported by the program are required to find a co-researcher or a professor in Nankai University as contact person.

Ⅱ. Duration & Quota

Visiting scholars can conduct research at CIM for no more than 3 months. Due to the limited budget and space, the institute encourages short-term visiting (less than two weeks) and sets limitation to the annual number of long-term (1-3 months) visiting scholars. During the summer and winter vacations, duration of visit should be within two weeks.

To pursue the comprehensive development of mathematics in China, every year a set number of spots in the program will be specially reserved for mathematical scholars from China’s central and western regions as well as some less developed regions to support their research and study in Nankai University.

Ⅲ. Form of Support

1. CIM provides free accommodation, office and allowance for visiting scholars at the institute during their visiting terms. Daily amount of allowance for each schloar differs according to the academic positions: 240 RMB (before tax) per day for professors; 120 RMB (before tax) per day for scholars with academic positions below professor, and 500 RMB (before tax) for senior scholars including academicians. Besides, to support the development of mathematical research and teaching in Tianjin, the institute also accept visits of a certain number of teachers from other universities of the city but with no offer of accommodations.

2. Visiting scholars are provided with offices with computers and free internet, also free access to the book resources at the Library of CIM.

Ⅳ. Application Procedures

Scholars are required to fill out the CIM Application Form for Visiting Scholars which includs the intended date of arrival and departure, CV, list of recent publication and scientific research plan during visit, etc. For visiting scholars working in China, recommendations from employers are also required, and the form needs to be stamped and mailed to Chern Institute of Mathematics.

For groups of scholars who intend to conduct collaborative research at CIM, each group only needs to provide one application form (required contents are the same with those for individual applicants).

CIM accepts applications semiannually. Please submit official applicaitons for visiting plans of the next 6 months to CIM in advance. Deadlines for the first and the second half of each year are 20th June and 20th December. CIM will inform applicants via e-mail about the confirmed type of visit and the notice for registration after approval by the director of the institute, and then arrange for all follow-up matters.

 Ⅴ.  Regulations

1. Visiting scholars shall comply with the regulations of CIM during their visiting term. When there is a temporary absence during the visit, please ask for leave from the personnel manager in advance, and inform all the research partners and contacts in Nankai University. During one’s absence there is no allowance offered by CIM. For those who shall no longer continue their visit due to some certain reasons, the institute will disqualify him/her from being visiting scholar at CIM and inform his/her employer after the approval by the director of CIM. Regarding to violations of regulations and accidents involving serious consequences, CIM reserve its rights to publish the name list of those responsible on the official website.

2. Visiting scholars who stay for more than two weeks shall provide a brief work report to CIM within one month after finishing the visiting terms.

3. Visiting scholars shall acknowledge the support of the CIM Visiting Scholars Program when officially publish their academic achievements made during visiting at CIM.

Please send the application materials and work reports to Mr. Liu Xuyang via mail or e-mail.

Mail address: Chern Institute of Mathematics, Nankai University, No. 94 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin,China. 300071


Tel: 022-2350 1029

Fax: 022-2350 8114

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