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The HIT Center for Life Sciences (HCLS) was founded in 2016, as the first special academic zone of Harbin Institute of Technology(HIT), which runs its own graduate program and enjoys unparalleled freedom in research, personnel employment and financial flexibility within the university. In HCLS, Principal Investigators (PIs) have gained outstanding achievements on various disciplines.

Core facilities currently undergoing include: Cryo-Electron Microscopy Platform, Imaging Platform, Mass Spectrometry Platform, Nuclear Magnetic Technology Platform, SPF Laboratory Animal Room.

HCLS now recruits 3 directors (or vice directors) of core facilities, the details are as follows:


1. Director (Vice Director) of Proteomics Center


• Responsible for technical services and daily administrative working of Mass Spectrometry Platform.

• Responsible for operation, maintenance and development of mass spectrometer.

• Responsible for training work including basic knowledge and principle of mass spectrometry, sample preparation, data analysis, etc.

• Familiarity with use, maintenance and development of LTQ Orbitrap Velos, Q Exactive and other large-scale bio-mass spectrometer, providing high-quality MS analysis Services to other laboratories at HCLS.

Services here are including molecular weight determination of proteins and peptides, further analysis and identification, a complex mix of protein samples after protein identification, protein translational modifications and comparative quantitative research proteome. As well as the positive development and improvement of advanced biological mass spectrometry technology, and effective use of these technologies to basic biological research to help solve various biological problems.


• Doctorate degree or above in Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Protein Chemistry or related areas.

• Postdoctoral training or experience working in mass spectrum management is highly preferred.

• Familiarity with sample preparation and analysis of various mass spectrometry methods, proficiency in one of the following technical categories: 1) proteomics: including proteomics methods of intragel enzymolysis, intrasolution enzymolysis, quantitative proteomics (iTRAQ, SILAC, label free, etc.), modified proteomics, etc. 2) small molecules: including chromatographic separation and purification, LC-MS identification of small molecules, quantitative analysis of MRM small molecules. 3) macromolecules: understanding of the mass spectrometry of polymer and intact protein, experience in using the technology of ion mobility and H / D exchange.


2. Director (Vice Director) of Antibody Center


• Responsible for animal immunity, hybridoma cell fusion, antibody screening by phage antibody library, including panning, primary screening and identification of monoclonal antibody, etc.

• Functional analysis of candidate antibody molecules by ELISA and FACS.

• Responsible for data reorganization and writing experiment report.


• Doctorate degree or above in Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology or related areas.

• More than 2 years’ working experience in construction and screening of phage antibody library, antibody engineering transformation, humanization, affinity maturation and other related laboratory work.

• Working experience in preparation and detection of hybridoma and monoclonal antibody.

• Familiarity with antibody screening knowledge and skills, including ELISA, FACS, etc.

• Experience in high-throughput screening is highly preferred.

• Strong communication skill and team cooperation.


3. Director (Vice Director) of Imaging Analysis Center


• Provide technical support for cell biology and develop equipment and technology according to the scientific research needs of HCLS.

• Responsible for daily administrative working of Imaging Analysis Center.

• Responsible for recruitment and training the technicians of Imaging Analysis Center.

• Responsible for regular technical training for researchers and students.


• Doctorate degree or above in Cell Biology, Optical physics, Microscopy or related areas.

• Familiarity with cell biology technology such as confocal microscope and transmission electron microscope as well as ability to develop equipment and technology.

• More than 5 years’ management experience in confocal microscope, transmission electron microscope and other equipment.

• Strong communication skill and team cooperation.


Compensation and Benefit Package

1. Suitable candidates and final positions will be determined by the actual ability and level through the review.

2. An internationally competitive salary is provided and determined during the interview and salary negotiation.


How to apply

Applications as PDF files including a cover letter, a full CV should be sent to Prof. Zhiwei Huang (, and indicate the “ ** application” in the email subject. The application will open until filled.


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