2023 EFL Full Time Positions for Foreign Teachers at SYSU

Sun Yat-sen University

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Center for Foreign Languages Education, School of Foreign Languages, Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou, China)


About Center for Foreign Languages Education

The Center for Foreign Languages Education provides high-quality English instruction to non-English major students at three separate university campuses located in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen. Highly qualified and dedicated teachers at the Center for Foreign Languages Education help students achieve English proficiency and prepare for academic success.


Work places

Guangzhou campus, Zhuhai campus, or Shenzhen campus



1. Weekly teaching load: 14-18 periods of English courses to undergraduate/postgraduate students. A single period, or one teaching hour, is 45 minutes as required by the university.
2. To individually create and develop a course based on the needs of the CFLE and the teacher’s expertise.
3. To schedule after-class time to meet with students for questions from students. This should include two office hours twice a week.
4. To participate in teaching, research and other related service work and other social work required and assigned by CFLE.


Salary, Benefits and Terms

Monthly salary: pre-tax salary 9667 RMB / month (starting from September or March).
In addition to the monthly salary, a yearly bonus shall be paid based on successful completion of the required teaching hours and contribution to the academic development of the university.
The foreign language instructors who work full time are periodically located in Shenzhen or Zhuhai Campus. They will receive an additional work allowance to cover associated expenses, e.g. travel.



We are looking for instructors who

  1. are native English speakers;
  2. are aged between 25 to 58;
  3. are physically able to meet the requirements of the job;
  4. have a Bachelor’s degree or above (awarded by renowned universities in English-speaking countries);
  5. have a minimum of two years ESL/EFL teaching experience with adult learners (Degree holders in the field of education or linguistics or holders of international TEFL certificates* may be exempt from the two-year teaching experience requirement. *Applicants who have obtained a TEFL certificate by participating in training provided by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs [SAFEA] will also be considered.)
  6. are able to complete a one-year contract;
  7. have passion for and are committed to education and teaching;
  8. are creative and flexible in adopting and experimenting with different approaches and methods to teaching;
  9. are able to recognize and deal with cultural differences in the classroom and on campus;
  10. are able to implement culturally responsive teaching practices to ensure successful teaching.


Application Procedure

Please send the following documents:

  1. – Cover letter (max: 500 words)
  2. – Copy of the first page of your valid passport
  3. – CV in English
  4. – Scanned copy of your highest degree certificate and teaching certificates
  5. – Two reference letters by your current or former employer.

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