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I. Introduction to the university

Qufu Normal University, a key university in Shandong Province, is located in Qufu, hometown of Confucius and also features a new campus in the beautiful coastal city of Rizhao. The university has 5 disciplines ranked among ESI’s top1% in the world; 6 first-class disciplines in Shandong Province; and 4 high-level disciplines as well. There are 11 doctoral disciplines, one authorized category of Ph.D programs, 25 Master’s programs, 15 authorized categories of Master’s professional degrees, 11 post-doctoral programs,and 69 undergraduate enrollment specialties, forming a comprehensive educational system covering 10 disciplines such as liberal arts, science, engineering, and law. A complete talent training system is in place for all degree programs, including post-doctoral students.


II. Recruitment positions

3 English language teachers


III.  Recruitment requirements

Qufu Normal University will recruit three English language teachers. Two will teach at Qufu Campus and one at Rizhao Campus, providing classes for undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Contract Duration: September 2022 to July 2023
  • Teaching Hour: 12-16 hours per week, occasional participation in school activities
  • Course: Spoken English, Listening, English Reading, Intercultural Communication, Society and Culture of English-speaking Countries, or other relevant courses for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Requirement: Master’s degree or higher, native English speaker, 25-60 years old, at least 2 years English teaching experience; Love the cause of higher education, and possess the spirit of dedication, unity, cooperation and innovation


IV. Salary and Benefits


  • More than 10000 RMB per month before tax for foreign teachers teaching English language;
  • More than 13000 RMB per month before tax for foreign teachers in specialized fields;
  • Additional courses may be arranged according to teaching needs and corresponding remuneration shall be paid.
  • A holiday allowance, equivalent to one month’s after tax salary to be paid during the contract period

Accommodation: A single apartment of about 80-90 square meters, including bedroom, study room, living room, dining room, kitchen and toilet. Basic facilities of water and electricity are provided at no charge.

Transportation: All transportation costs are reimbursed by the university including international round trip airfare, and transportation to and from port of entry.

Holiday: Enjoy the same legal holidays as Chinese teachers.

Residence permit and certificate: The university is responsible for handling residence permit and expert certificate for foreign teachers and bearing relevant expenses (including the cost of physical examination in China).

Insurance: The University will purchase commercial insurance for foreign teachers. According to the provisions of the insurance contract, the insurance company will bear the medical expenses of foreign teachers in local Chinese regular hospitals/clinics.

Chinese Courses: Foreign teachers can attend Chinese classes free of charge.


V. Contact Information

Zhang Jianxing (Andy)

Office tel: 0086-537-4458235

Mobile: 0086-135-6240-8591

WeChat: Flamengo_Andy

Email address: flamengo1@sina.com


VI. Application

Please submit the following documents through CUJ online application (your application will be sent to the college’s HR department by email), or alternatively, to flamengo1@sina.com. Application is valid until May 31, 2022

  • (1) Resume (Chinese and English)
  • (2) Valid Passport and current Visa
  • (3) The highest education certificate with attached endorsement from Chinese embassy.
  • (4) No criminal record certificate with relevant certification attached by the Chinese embassy
  • (5) Health examination certificate
  • (6) Digital photo of ID

Attachment PDF: Available Foreign Teaching Positions, 2022, Qufu Normal University, Qufu and Rizhao, China.pdf

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