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English Department, College of Foreign Languages at Hainan University (Haikou, China) is looking for several EFL teachers, responsible for English Writing, English Viewing Listening and Speaking, as well as Spoken English and other relevant courses to undergraduate students of English majors.


Requirements for applicants

(1) Native English speakers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
(2) With at least a master’s degree majoring in liberal arts or other relevant disciplines.
(3) Additionally with a TESL or TEFL or TESOL certificate or English teaching experiences in colleges and universities.
(4) Devotion to teaching: patient, responsible and enthusiastic;
(5) Age: between 30-60 years old


Remuneration Package

(1) Salary: The monthly salary of linguistic foreign cultural and educational experts is 8,500 yuan (RMB)/month for a doctor and 8,300 yuan (RMB)/month for a master.
(2) Free boarding of the apartment with two bedrooms, one living room, a separate kitchen and toilet along with all the necessary electrical appliances and furniture.
(3) International travel fares: Once each year.


Work Load:

(1) 12-16 hours per week, i.e. 12-16 periods (45 minutes/period) per week.
(2) Extra hours of voluntary work every semester, such as coaching and tutoring contestants and/or serving as a judge in English-related contests, lecturing, audio recording for non-commercial purposes, etc. with additional allowance.

If you are interested in this position, please send the following documents:

(1) A scanned copy of the first page of your passport.
(2) CV with your full name, birth date, country of residence, E-mail address, home address and phone number as well as a description of your academic history and teaching experience.
(3) Scanned copies of your highest degree certificate and other teaching certificates such as EFL, TEFL etc., if any.

Once decided, English Department at College of Foreign Languages will inform the university office (Division of International Exchange and Cooperation at Hainan University) of your contract procedures.


Procedures for Employment

1. Linguistic foreign cultural and educational experts shall be selected by the employer according to the teaching requirements. The Approval Form for Hiring Long-term Foreign Cultural and Educational Experts of Hainan University shall be filled in and be submitted to the university for examination and approval after being reviewed by the International Cooperation and Exchange Department.

2. The employer shall submit the application materials for employing foreign cultural and educational experts to the International Cooperation and Exchange Department three months before the foreign cultural and educational experts plan to come to China, including the employment contract, personal resume of the personnel to be employed, photocopy of passport, medical examination certificate (issued within 6 months), no criminal record (including the certification of Chinese embassies and consulates abroad or the certification of foreign embassies and consulates in China), highest academic degree certificate (including the certification of Chinese embassies and consulates abroad and the certification of Chinese notary agencies), work qualification certificate and other materials required by the Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs.

3. The employer shall introduce the school situation to foreign cultural and educational experts, and clarify the work tasks, work objectives, living conditions and working conditions, etc. The International Cooperation and Exchange Department is responsible for assisting the employer to handle the employment procedures of foreign cultural and educational experts.


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