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The Particle and Nuclear Division of the Tsung-Dao Lee Institute (TDLI) at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University [http://tdli.sjtu.edu.cn/EN/] invites applications for several TDLI fellow positions (tenure-track associate professors at the School of Physics and Astronomy of SJTU) in experimental and theoretical particle and nuclear physics and cosmology.

The fellows are expected to carry out independent research projects, supervise students, and develop courses in line with our emphasis on particle and cosmology within the major in physics program. The positions are open to researchers of any nationality, with highly competitive salary, housing subsidy, and start-up grant.

The division has three research groups focusing on some of the fundamental problems in particle and nuclear physics and cosmology. We are conducting a broad-area search for candidates with a strong research record in areas including, not limited to, the following:

Underground Experimental Group: 1. Dark Matter Direct Detection. 2. Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay. 3. Reactor and Cosmic Neutrino Experiments. Faculty members involved are: Profs. Jianglai Liu and Donglian Xu.

Collider Experiment Group: 1. LHC/ATLAS Physics and Detector Upgrade. 2. CEPC R&D. 3. Fundamental Precision Measurements. 4. Light Dark Matter Search Experiment. 5. Advanced Accelerator Study. Faculty members involved are: Profs. Kim Siang Khaw, Shu Li, Kun Liu, Dao Xiang, Haijun Yang.

Theory Group: Research areas include, physics beyond the Standard Model, neutrino and flavor physics theory and phenomenology, early universe quantum field theory, quantum gravity and applications to baryogenesis and dark matter, quantum chromodynamics and lattice gauge theory, and effective field theory. Faculty members involved are: Profs. Jason Evans, Shao-Feng Ge, Hong-Jian He, Xiao-Gang He,Yuichiro Nakai, Michael Ramsey-Musolf, Ryosuke Sato, Luca Visinelli, Frank Wilczek and Tsutomu Yanagida.

Applications should be submitted through Academic Jobs Online system and must include a cover letter, curriculum vitae including information on date of birth and date receiving the PhD degree, research statement, publication list, and at least five reference letters. The deadline is Jan 10, 2022.

TDLI has an internationalized environment with English as its working language, and invites candidates of all nationalities. The TDLI seeks to promote equal opportunity and diversity in physics. Members of under-represented groups in physics are particularly encouraged to apply. For inquires about the position and TDLI, please contact Ms. Zi Yang (hep.tdli@sjtu.edu.cn) and Prof.Xiaogang He (hexg@sjtu.edu.cn) for theory group, Jianglai Liu (jianglai.liu@sjtu.edu.cn) for underground experiment group and Haijun Yang (haijun.yang@sjtu.edu.cn) for collider experiment group. You can also approach any of the faculty members for inquires.

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