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Employer: School of Physics, Zhejiang University

The School of Physics at Zhejiang University is seeking to recruit over 70 candidates over the next ten years to fill faculty positions at all levels in all subfields of experimental & theoretical physics:

  —Group leader. The successful candidate should have internationally recognized research accomplishments and proven leadership. He/She is expected to coordinate research programs and develop new interdisciplinary research;

  —Tenured position. The successful candidate should have outstanding record of research accomplishments. He/She is expected to develop his/her independent research program and show strong leadership;

  —Tenure-track position. We offer start up resources and competitive benefits including housing.

Successful applicants are expected to develop an innovative research program and to teach at graduate and/or undergraduate levels. Qualified applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications electronically with the following materials in PDF format to the Human Resources Officer of the School, Ms. Youxiu Zheng, at phyac@zju. edu.cn:

  —A comprehensive CV including major publications;

  —A research statement including research achievements, and a research plan with the requirements for the research platform and startup grant.

  —A statement of teaching experience and capabilities;

Interviews are arranged twice a year. The positions are open till filled. Successful candidates will gain the opportunity to advance their academic career while enjoying the lifestyle of the historical and picturesque Chinese city of Hangzhou. In addition to the standard assistance with establishing a research group, preparing grant applications, and joining the Chinese physics community, they will receive a competitive remuneration and benefits package, including:

  —Research support with internationally competitive startup packages including spacious laboratory space, as well as the ability to purchase advanced facilities and recruit post-doctoral researchers and graduate students;

  —The opportunity to rent well-furnished university apartments before tenure, and purchase new university apartments at less than one third of the market price after tenure, a pension and social insurance, medical insurance, and an annual medical examination;

  —Family support including medical insurance for children, priority registration at Zhejiang University’s kindergarten and primary school, assistance with secondary school admissions, and assistance to spouses in finding employment in Hangzhou.

Post-doctoral research fellows at the School of Physics,

Zhejiang University, P. R. China

The School of Physics at Zhejiang University recruits over 30 post-doctoral research fellows each year, in all subfields of experimental & theoretical physics.Appointments will be made on a two-year fixed-term contract, renewable subject to mutual agreement.

Applicants should hold a doctoral degree and not be over 35 years old. Depending upon seniority and background, a successful applicant will receive an annual salary in the range of 180,000-360,000 RMB. In addition, apartments with preferential rents are available. Social insurance including endowment and medical insurance shall be covered by the university. Successful applicants will also be assisted in applying for national grants for academic research and international exchanges. Foreign applicants will have the opportunity to join a diverse community of postdoctoral researchers at Zhejiang University, and will be offered the option of lessons in the Chinese language.

Qualified applicants are requested to email their applications consisting of a CV with a publication list, and a research statement to Ms. Youxiu Zheng at phyac@zju. edu.cn.


Zhejiang University has been consistently ranked as one of the top few Chinese universities in recent decades based on statistical assessments from various domestic and international organizations. Established in 1928, the Department of Physics of Zhejiang University has been the cradle of many key breakthroughs in the physical sciences. In the 1940s, Kan-Chang Wang, the department chair at the time, proposed studying the recoil of K-captured Be nuclei, which later led to the first indirect evidence for the existence of neutrinos. Tsung-Dao Lee, from the class of 1943, together with Chen-Ning Yang proposed parity violation in the weak interaction in 1957. Later that year, Chien-Shiung Wu, who was a teaching staff member in the 1930s, led the experiments examining the decay of polarized Co-60 nuclei, which confirmed this theoretical proposal. Between the 1950s and 1980s, many physicists from the Department directly took part in the Chinese nuclear program, including most notably, the two key leaders Kan-Chang Wang and Kai-Jia Cheng. Despite these renowned successes, the Department shrank considerably between 1952 and 1980. To date, twenty physics alumni have been elected as members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and several have been elected as APS and OSA fellows. It hosts the Zhejiang Province Key Laboratory of Quantum Technology and Device, and part of the National Key Laboratory of Silicon Materials as well as the National Key Laboratory of Optical Engineering.

Since 2022, the university has embarked on a program to greatly strengthen fundamental research in physical sciences and related interdisciplinary fields, as well as to cultivate highly-achieving graduate and undergraduate students, and develop advanced research platforms together with an international environment for academic research and exchange. The Department of Physics has been reconstructed into a school consisting of seven research institutes: the Zhejiang Institute of Modern Physics, Institute of Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Optics, Institute for Fusion Theory and Simulation, Center for Correlated Matter, Institute of Applied Physics and Institute of Astrophysics and Astronomy. The number of full-time faculty will be expanded to 180 members, from 105 presently. Over the next ten years, the school will recruit 75 outstanding candidates from world-wide research institutes and universities to fill these vacancies, which may be either tenure track or tenured faculty positions, in research disciplines such as high energy physics, theoretical physics, condensed matter physics, plasma physics, optics, quantum information, applied physics, and biological physics.

Detailed information about faculty members, the cultivation of (under)graduate students, research platforms, and cutting-edge research is available at http://physics.zju.edu.cn/phy/.

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