Faculty Recruitment at School of Basic Medicine Science of Central South University

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Section 1 – Leading talents

(1) Requirement

Internationally renowned scholars, as well as academic talents with required level.We hope you are committed to key parts in your study area and have made outstanding achievements internationally, or achievements in talent training.


Provide generous salary, sufficient scientific research funds, subsidies for new homebuyers, favorable working environment and laboratory conditions, and if your spouse come together with you, we will give her/him a proper job, too.

Section 2 – Innovative talents

(1) Requirement

Excellent research and technological innovation ability, active academic thinking,has madeoutstanding academic achievements or research field has important prospects, has potential to lead the way in related field and younger than 42(younger than 47 if you are extraordinary).

(2) Treatment

1. At least RMB500,000 / year,with full social insurance.

2. Subsidies for new homebuyers with RMB1.3 million, we also provide a two-year transitional apartment in Changsha.

3. Research start-up funds with RMB 2-4 million(excluding national or local project funds).

4. If your family come together with you, we will properly arrange your spouse’s job and children’s enrollment.

Section 3 – Excellent Young Teachers

(1) Requirement

We hope you have made fairly academic achievements, have great potential in your study field and younger than 32(younger than 38 if you are extraordinary).

(2) Treatment

We will offer you bout RMB180,000-300,000/ year, scientific research funds RMB 0.1-1.2 million,subsidiesfor new homebuyers with RMB200,000-500,000,with full social insurance,and properly arrange your spouse’s job and children’s enrollment too.

Section 4 – Full-time Postdoctoral Studies

(1) Requirement

You must have obtained your doctoral degree in the past three years, and have made fairly research achievements during your doctoral study with age under 35.

(2) Treatment

We will offer you RMB160,000-300,000ayear,with full insurance and subsidies.

2. We offer you apartments or rental subsidies if you don’t have place to live in Changsha.

4. Same treatment for your children to study in our own schools.

5. Opportunity to become our teachers after

(3) Support conditions

It is divided into special funding, key funding, and general funding.

Section 5-How to Apply

Please send your resume to us,including your basic personal information and contact information, education and working experience, representative achievements (including papers, projects, patents, books and so on) and tell us which job you prefer. We will check and reply in time.

Contact information

1. President – Hong Jiang

Email: jianghong73868@126.com;

2.Vice President – Gang Yin

Email: gang.yin@csu.edu.cn

3. Director of HR -Xiaoyan Bi

Email: jczhb353@csu.edu.cn.

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