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Foreign Teachers Recruitment

Bozhou University is a state-owned undergraduate college of higher education. It is located in the city of Bozhou Anhui Province. Foreign English teachers are needed, who will teach course of Oral English.


I. Requirements

  • 1. Love the cause of higher education, good character, strict work style, with good professional ethics, professional quality and team spirit.
  • 2. Native English speaker or English as official language.
  • 3. Has bachelor degree or above of English language or literature, translation, linguistic, or other relative majors.
  • 4. At least two-year teaching experience.
  • 5. Under 60 years, and in good health. Should have no criminal record.
  • 6. Should obey China’s Constitution and laws and regulations, and respect China’s policies on religion, moral standards and customs, and shall not conduct any activity incompatible with the status of a foreign expert.


 II. Salary and Allowances

1. Salary

No more than 14 classes per week. For those with bachelor’s degree, the after-tax wage is 10,000 RMB per month; for those with master’s degree or above, the after-tax wage is 12,000 RMB per month during semester time. Salary will be half paid during winter& summer vacations. Teachers enjoy the winter and summer holidays and legal holidays stipulated by the Chinese government.

2. Other Allowances

According to students evaluation scores on the overall performance of foreign teacher,individual performance bonus  around 10,000-12,000 RMB are awarded each year (according to  students evaluation score, 6,000 RMB is given for 60-79 points; 10,000 RMB is given for 80-89 points;12,000 RMB is given for above 90 points and none is given for under 60 points). After each full year of work, a ticket subsidy of 10,000 RMB is provided, and a domestic travel allowance of 5,000 RMB is provided.

3. The school buys personal accident insurance for each foreign teacher.


III. Housing

The school provides accommodation or accommodation subsidies for foreign teachers. School accommodation is equipped with basic furniture and electrical appliances. Water, electricity and daily necessities shall be paid by the individual. Accommodation and transportation subsidies of 1,500 RMB per month (including winter and summer vacation) shall be provided by the school if the accommodation is not occupied


IV. Application Information

Please submit your resume, photo and copies of related certificates via CUJ online application, we will contact you as soon as the material review is approved.


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