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The role of a Foreign French teacher is to help our students speak French and improve French practical skills. Those responsibilities include preparing lessons and lesson material, teaching young adult students, holding counseling sessions, assisting colleagues, maintaining records, writing progress reports, etc.



  1. Has the Bachelor Degree, Master Degree or Doctor Degree of French language or literature, translation, linguistic, language teaching or other relative majors, and two years of teaching experience.
  2. Aged less than 60 and with a good health condition. Should have no criminal record.
  3. Give 14 periods of lessons a week (45 mins. a period)
  4. Should respect China’s policies on religion, moral standards and customs, and shall not conduct any activity incompatible with the status of a foreign expert.


Salary Package:

  • 1. Monthly salary of a Bachelor, Master and Doctor will be RMB 5500, 6500, 7500.
  • 2. Harbin Normal University will provide teacher with a set of apartment during the term of employment.
  • 3. If the contract duration lasts a school year, university will buy a round trip international ticket of teacher and pay  RMB 2200 as bonus.
  • 4. University will buy insurance for teacher. Teacher enjoys the winter and the summer vacations as well as legal  holidays in China according to the regulations of Harbin Normal University.


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