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5 full-time English teachers

Job Description

School of College English Teaching and Research of Henan University is devoted to excellence in College English teaching, learning and research. It provides a wide range of general and academic English courses for all the non-English major students of Henan University. Our mission is to prepare outstanding English talents who make a difference globally, and to create an English-learning-community environment on campus through various English courses, activities and competitions.

In 2022, the School plans to recruit full-time foreign teachers for English language courses and language tutoring for non-English major students.


1) Native English speaker; bachelor’s degree and above; at least 2 years of working experience.

2) Holding language teaching qualification certificates such as TEFL, TESL, TESOL, TKT, CELTA, etc.

3) Good at communication; willing to engage in teamwork.

4) Compliance with Chinese law; in good health; no criminal record.

Job Description:

1) Full-time English teacher, 18 classes per week (45 minutes per class).

2) Teach College English Listening and Speaking Courses.

3) Starting time: Feb. 2022 (Spring Semester of 2022).

Benefits of Employment:

1) Annual pay of 120,000 RMB/year (pre-tax) for bachelor’s degree holders; Annual pay of 150,000 RMB/year (pre-tax) for master’s degree holders; Annual pay of 180,000 RMB/year (pre-tax) for doctoral degree holders.

2) Holidays: Summer Vacation and Winter Vacation, New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, International Workers’ Day, China’s National Day, Christmas (two days) and other statutory public holidays in China.

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