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Jobs vacancies for International Teachers in Jiaying University, 2023

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We need to hire: 2 English teachers, 2 Japanese teachers, 1 vocal music teacher, 4 Instrumental music teachers and 2 dance teachers.

About Jiaying University

Jiaying University, established in 1913, located in downtown Meizhou City, Guangdong province, is a public provincial undergraduate university. Meizhou City was known as Jiaying City in the Qing Dynasty, the university is thus named as Jiaying University. The University covers a building area of 600,000 square meters. It has 21 secondary colleges, offering 60 undergraduate major subjects and 11 disciplines including literature, science, engineering, law, and medicine with more than 26,000 full-time students. The University attaches great importance to foreign exchange and cooperation and international education, and has established friendly cooperative relations with overseas universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries. Now there are foreign teachers from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan and other countries.

About the campus

The foreign teachers’ building is situated across a small bridge in a small enclave providing a little bit of privacy while still being close to teaching buildings. Classes are typically taught in nearby buildings which are approximately five minutes away on scooter or ten to fifteen minutes on foot. Daily grocery shopping can be done at supermarkets and vegetable and fruit shops surrounding the campus. Meals are also available at the local dining halls and can be conveniently charged with a dining card. Meizhou is located half a day away from big cities, manufacturing hubs and ports so expect prompt deliver of items when doing on-line shopping on TaoBao or Amazon China.

About the city

Meizhou, endowed with the titles of the Capital of Hakkas of the World, Hometowns of Culture, Overseas Chinese and Football, is a small city with a long wide river winding through it. The city has numerous small and big bridges. Meizhou is home to the Hakka people with their own architecture, cuisine and language (in addition to standard Mandarin). The city is filled with winding alleys, small shops, as well as street vendors that sell snacks, vegetables and fruit- all at relatively low prices compared to some of the larger cities. The city also has numerous supermarkets, gyms, restaurants, parks and boutiques. The city center is conveniently located within a short travel distance from campus (about 15-20 minutes).

We are looking for talented and passionate teachers to join our faculty and help us enhance our foreign language education. If you meet the following criteria and are interested in working with us, please send us your application documents.


• For English/Japanese teachers, you must be a native speaker of English or Japanese native speakers, 25-58 years old (for visa application); an undergraduate or master or PhD degree with at least two years teaching experience;

• For other teachers, you must be between 25-58 years old (for visa application); have a master or PhD degree with at least two years teaching experience.

• You must be healthy and fit.


• You will teach 12 to 14 classes per week, each class lasting 45 minutes.

Salary & Benefit

• You will receive a monthly salary of 10,000 to 13,000 RMB (before tax) depending on your degree.

• You will enjoy up to three months of paid vacations during the contract period.

• You will get a travel allowance of 10,000 RMB per year, which includes an airfare reimbursement of 8,000 RMB and a travel stipend of 2,000 RMB.

• You will be sponsored for a residency permit, as well as accident and medical insurance.

• You will have access to free Chinese classes (optional).

• You will live in a free apartment on campus with two bedrooms, a reading room, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and various appliances and furniture.


• Full time, one year

Closing Date

• Dec.31st, 2023

How to apply

Please send us the following documents:

1. Your updated CV/Resume
2. A scanned copy of your passport
3. A scanned copy of your degree certificate(s)
4. A reference letter

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