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The city of Suzhou, boasting fabulous classical gardens, is crowned as the most prosperous region in the south of the Yangtze River. Located and deeply rooted in the historical and cultural city of Suzhou and founded in 1900, Soochow University is a Key National “Project 211” university, and one of the first institutions selected for “Plan 2011” in China. It is listed into “Double First-Class” Initiative jointly built by the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government. It is also a provincial key comprehensive university sponsored by the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government.

Currently, the university has twelve categories of disciplines including philosophy, economy, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and art. The university now has 132 undergraduate majors, 49 first-level disciplines with master programs and 33 master programs of professional degree; 31 first-level disciplines with doctoral programs, 1 doctoral program of professional degree and 30 post-doctoral research stations. The university boasts 1 national first-class discipline, 4 state key disciplines and 20 advantageous disciplines in universities of Jiangsu Province. At present, fifteen disciplines — i.e. Chemistry, Physics, Material Science, Clinical Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy and Toxicology, Biology and Biological Chemistry, Neurology and Behavioral Science, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Immunology, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Environmental Science and Ecology, General Social Sciences — rank top 1% of the Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators (ESI). Chemistry and Materials Science rank the top 1‰.

A new era brings about new opportunities and calls for new advancements. Nowadays, based on the favorable timing, location, and harmonious social relationships, Soochow University adheres to improving itself with talents, quality and culture. Relying on the economic strength as well as the superior cultural and regional advantages in the Yangtze River Delta, all the faculty of the Soochow University, with a soaring spirit, an open mind and an international horizon, are sparing no effort in building up a world-renowned research-oriented university. We hereby sincerely invite international scholars to apply Excellent Young Scholar (Overseas) as faculty of Soochow University.


I. About the Project

In order to further improve the talent funding system of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (hereinafter referred to as NSFC), to fully realize the function of NSFC in introducing and cultivating talents, and to attract excellent young overseas talents to return and to work in China, the NSFC continued to implement the Excellent Young Science Fund Project of NSFC (Overseas) in 2022.


II. Requirements

  • 1. Abiding by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, having good scientific ethics, and practicing the spirit of new-era scientists;
  • 2. Candidates’ birth date should be after 1st, Jan 1982.
  • 3. Doctoral degree holder;
  • 4. Focusing on natural sciences, engineering technology, etc.;
  • 5. Candidates should in general have a teaching or research position in an overseas university or research institution or R&D department of enterprises with 36 months of consecutive working period before 15th, April, 2022. For those who have an overseas doctoral degree and excellent achievements, the requirement for working period can be relaxed to a proper extent;
  • 6. Having outstanding academic achievements acknowledged by peer experts and the potential of becoming the leading researcher or excellent talents in the future;
  • 7. If the candidate does not work fulltime in China or starts work after 1st, Jan, 2021, he or she must quit the job overseas and work fulltime in China for no shorter than 3 years.

Note: According to the requirement of balancing the funds for talent of nature science, the candidate can only apple one project at the same tier of the fund for national nature science talent. Current holder of one fund cannot apply for funds of lower tier.


III. Position and Benefits

  • 1. Title: Distinguished Professor of Excellent Talent (Government institutional offer will be made according to related policy); doctoral supervisor;
  • 2. Salary: Base RMB 500,000-600,000 annually (before tax) plus related rewards without cap. In addition, mandatory insurance and housing fund will be paid by the university which is about RMB 200,000 per year. If the candidate is foreigner, the salary will refer to the related policies of the province, city and university;
  • 3. Relocation: RMB 1,500,000-1,800,000 (with additional subsidiaries provided by the national and local governments); fully decorated short-term accommodation.
  • 4. Research Support Funding: RMB 1,000,000 – 3,000,000 funded by the national committee, and the university will additionally match up in a 1 : 1 ratio (experimental natural sciences, engineering, medicine will be offered 3,000,000 directly). Large-scale equipment and apparatus may be provided as needed. Team recruitment is negotiated separately.
  • 5. Related Support: RMB 500,000 will be provided by the Jiangsu Provincial Government, and Suzhou Government will also provide RMB 500,000 to “Leading Talents of Gusu Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. Priority recommendations for applying other talent programs (Innovation and Entrepreneurship team of Jiangsu Province with research fund of RMB 3,000,000 to RMB 8,000,000, “talents attraction program”, “Easier Settling Project”, “Outstanding Talent Contribution Award”, “SIP’s Jinji Lake Talent Plan”, etc.). According to related policies, successful candidates of multiple programs will be awarded the summed lot of all of them.
  • 6. Spatial offices and labs will be provided, support for establishing research groups, priority for recruiting young faculties, post-doctoral researchers and dedicated research staff. The number of post-doctoral researchers is not limited, priority for recruiting post graduate students.
  • 7. Job and school recommendations for spouse and offspring and convenient medical care.

Special note: Talents that are shortlisted but not finally selected can, after further checking of the university, be offered Distinguished Professor of Elite Talent position, and a competitive salary will be offered.

We Solemnly Acclaim

What we promise,

We will deliver!


IV. Contact

For talents that meet our requirements and are willing to apply as Soochow University faculty, please send CV to the contact person of the school and cc HR ( or, The subject of the email should be: name + major + intended school (or institute) + ‘apply for excellent young scholar (overseas)’, and we will contact you with professional editing services and guide to paperwork in order to help you succeed in the application.

1. Application and intentional contract filling, please contact

Yin Kui, Personnel Department, Soochow University

Tel: +86-512-67503248



2. Specific program-related questions, please contact

Xi Jian, Fundamental Research Department, Science and Technology Research Institution

Tel: +86-512-67507192


For details of application and contacts of various schools, please visit the following link:

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