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About Shaoguan University

Shaoguan University is a state-run provincial university approved by the Ministry of Education, located in Shaoguan city, Guangdong Province. Shaoguan is a modern city with convenient transportation links by bus, train and high speed rail to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and further afar. It is well known for its famous historical and cultural heritage landmarks and is recognized as one of the Top Tourism Cities in China. The main campus covers an area of 945200 square meters, with an elegant environment, green parkland and rolling hills, flora displays, award-winning architecture and convenient modern living facilities. The University has a teaching staff of 1496 members, 17 schools which offer 73 undergraduate majors in the university, covering 11 main disciplines.There are more than 30000 full-time 4-year undergraduates and 3-year college students. It has established international ties and co-operation relationships with over 50 universities from the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Korea, Spain and Thailand and more.

Ⅰ Contract terms

1. Job vacancies

See “Foreign Teachers’ Job Offered by SGU for The 2022-2023 Academic Year”

2. Job Requirements

  • Knowledge in relevant majors;
  • The physical examination is qualified. Excellent communication skills, teamwork;
  • No criminal record;
  • The age requirement is under 58.
  • Master degree or above
  • All Nationalities are accepted

3. Language: English

4. Workload: 16 classes per week (45 minutes per class)

5. Monthly salary: Above RMB 8000Yuan (Based on qualifications and experience)

6. Air fare and travel allowance will be paid when the contract ended.

7. A one-time subsidy will be offered to foreign teachers from overseas after approval during the epidemic period.


Ⅱ Other benefits

  • Free multiple-entry visa and residence permit;
  • Medical care available in the university clinic;
  • Free internet service in the apartment and office;
  • A free comprehensive medical insurance;
  • Shaoguan University will arrange accommodations on campus with kitchen, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, heated shower, air conditioner, Internet and necessary furniture. Employees can enjoy Chinese medical service in accordance with China’s medical system at the school clinic.


Ⅲ Deadline: Aug 20th, 2022


Ⅳ Contact information

Mail your CV, scans of relevant education certificates (including degree), reference letters from at least two latest professional referees, and scan of passport photo page, scan of certificate of non-criminal record issued by the host country (effectively within half a year) if you are interested in teaching and living here. Applicants should provide the above materials and send the electronic version to the following email address.

Contact: Dandan Li

Tel: +86 751 8121661

E-mail: sgurecruitment@163.com

Homepage: www.sgu.edu.cn

Address: International Office, Shaoguan University, Guangdong Province, China.

Postcode: 512005

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