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Overseas youth talents are being invited to join Hainan University and apply for the National Natural Science Foundation of China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund, with an annual salary of 900,000 yuan available ($139,241).

Application requirements:

1. Abide by Chinese laws and regulations, and have scientific ethics

2. Have been born after Sept 1, 1980

3. Hold a PhD degree

4. Specialize in natural science or engineering technology

5. Have worked for more than 36 consecutive months in an overseas university, scientific research institution or enterprise R&D institution before April 30, 2021 (the requirements on work seniority can be relaxed for talents with a PhD degree and excellent performance)

6. Have had scientific research or technological achievements recognized by peers, and hold the potential to become a pace-setter in that field

7. Not have worked full time in China before or not have worked in China before Sept 1, 2019

8. Resign their overseas job and work full time in China for no less than three years after receiving the qualification notice

Policy support:

1. Provide a settling-in allowance of 500,000 yuan

2. Offer jobs to talents’ spouse who has a master’s degree

3. Prioritize the quota of postgraduate student enrollment

4. Provide ample start-up funds for scientific research

5. Offer preferential policies in household registration, children’s education, and medical services

Application materials:

1. Send resume to both colleges’ contact person and [email protected] with an email subject of “name + discipline + apply for Excellent Young Scientists Fund”

2. Provide other required materials after the application system opens

Contact persons:

Qin Chunxiu (project application): 898-66160313, 13976496931

Wang Sensen (talent policy consultation): 898-66271136, 13627545842

Email address of different colleges:

College of Tropical Crops: [email protected]

College of Ecology and Environment: [email protected]

College of Life and Pharmaceutical Sciences: [email protected]

College of Biomedical Engineering: [email protected]

College of Horticulture: [email protected]

College of Plant Protection: [email protected]

College of Animal Science and Technology: [email protected]

College of Forestry: [email protected]

College of Ocean Sciences: [email protected]

State Key Laboratory of Marine Resource Utilization in South China Sea: [email protected]

College of Information and Communication Engineering: [email protected]

College of Computer Science and Cyberspace Security: [email protected]

College of Materials Science and Engineering: [email protected]

College of Chemical Engineering and Technology: [email protected]

College of Food Science and Engineering: [email protected]

College of Civil Engineering and Architecture: [email protected]

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: [email protected]

College of Sciences: [email protected]

College of Law: [email protected]

College of Management: [email protected]

College of Economics: [email protected]

College of Tourism: [email protected]

College of International Tourism: [email protected]

College of Marxism: [email protected]

College of Politics and Public Administration: [email protected]

College of Humanities and Communications: [email protected]

College of Foreign Languages: [email protected]

College of Music and Dance: [email protected]

College of Art and Design: [email protected]

College of Physical Education: [email protected]

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