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Introduction of The Lab/ Research Field

Professor Li DENG received his B.S. degree from Tsinghua University (1987), M.S. degree from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1990), and Ph.D. degree from Harvard University (1995). He carried out his postdoctoral studies at Harvard as an American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow. He joined Brandeis University as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry in 1998. He was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 2003, to Full Professor and was named the Orrie Friedman Distinguished Professor of Chemistry in 2005. He served as the Chair of the Chemistry Department at Brandies University from 2011 to 2014. He joined Westlake University in July of 2018, and is currently XU Yiming Endowed Chair Professor and the Executive Dean of School of Science.

Professor Li DENG focuses on the invention and the development of new catalytic reactions of importance in synthetic organic chemistry. His studies have established new concepts and strategies that are utilized by laboratories around the world for the successful development of numerous new catalysts and reactions. A broad range of reactions invented in his own laboratories have been successfully applied in academic and industrial laboratories. Several of his catalysts have been licensed to pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

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Research Fields: catalytic reactions, organic synthesis

Job Description

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow (3)

Requirements: Independently conduct research on catalytic organic chemistry.

Other requirements:

1)Have obtained or about to obtain a Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry, aged under 35;good research experience on asymmetric catalysis, organic synthesis methodology or total synthesis of natural products.

2)Excellent knowledge and experimental skills of synthetic organic chemistry;Excellent ability to conduct effective independent research, develop new ideas, create solutions; Excellent oral and written communication skills (English).

3)Excellent communication skills and ability to work effectively in a highly collaborative research environment.

Compensation and Benefits

The research team offers a competitive compensation package commensurate with the selected candidate’s qualifications and experience. Applications for relevant projects and programs will be encouraged and supported.

Postdoc(s) selected for China Postdoctoral Science Foundation or Zhejiang Province Selected Funding for Postdoctoral Research Projects will be entitled to further receive a supporting fund of the same amount from the Hangzhou municipal government.

Postdoc(s) who work in Hangzhou on a full-time basis after completing their postdoctoral research will be eligible for applying an allowance of 400,000RMB from the Hangzhou municipal government.

How to Apply

To apply, please send the following documents in English as PDF files


2)2 reference letters

3)Doctoral Degree Certificate

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