Postdoc for Zinc Air Batteries and Sodium Ion Batteries

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Postdoctoral researchers for sensors, catalysis, batteries and electrocatalysis


Applications of 2D materials and metal glass in the fields of sensors, catalysis, batteries and electrocatalysis.

2. Requirements:

(1) He/she has obtained or is about to obtain a doctoral degree within 3 years, and is under 35 years old. He/she has strong English reading and writing skills;

(2) The incumbent personnel shall not engage in postdoctoral research as a part-time postdoctoral researcher;

(3) Material science, physics, chemistry or other doctoral degrees related is a must. At least one of the following skills are needed: application fields of batteries, electrocatalysis, photocatalysis, gas/ion separation, polymer coatings.


(1) Complete the scientific research tasks assigned from the advisor, including the research project and funding application;

(2) During the postdoctoral study (two years), 2 first author papers with impact factor > 8 should be published.

(3) All the research works completed by you within the contract duration period should add Shenzhen University as the first unit. Except the name of the first author (you), the names and orders of other co-authors and corresponding authors will be finally decided by the advisor.

4. Application:

Applicants should send electronic documents of resume and representative research results to the contact email:

5. Salary (Total income is 320,000 RMB or higher, equal to 46000 US dollars):

(1) Shenzhen government: 180,000 RMB/year (tax-free); It is issued after the initiation and mid-term examination respectively;

(2) Shenzhen university: i, the basic treatment of 84,000 yuan/year shall be paid monthly; ii, 2,240 RMB housing subsidies per month;

(3) Research allowance from advisor: 2000 RMB/month.

6.Other potential treatment:

(1) To meet the requirements of postdoctoral entry incentive program (as indicated below), and provide additional incentive treatment of 2,000 RMB / month.

(2) During the post-doctoral study, the person in charge can apply for funding for scientific research projects at all levels. Those who successfully applied NFSC project will be rewarded 10,000 RMB per project.

(3) Postdoctoral researcher published papers using Shenzhen University as the first unit over responsibilities will be awarded.

(4) For those who work in Shenzhen City after the 2-year postdoctoral research and signed a contract for more than 3 years, they can apply for a starting fund of 300,000 RMB. A housing subsidy of 1.6 million RMB (subject to the documents of Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau) can be applied to those who meet the requirements of reserve level talents in Shenzhen after leaving the postdoctoral station.

(5) Recommended to work in Shenzhen university after 2 years’ research period. Excellent postdoctoral candidates who meet the policy requirements of the personnel department of the university can apply to become a faculty.

* Post-doctoral fellowship program

(1) Basic conditions: enter the station under the age of 33 and obtain the doctor’s degree within one year (subject to the check-in time).

(2) Eligibility, one of the following two:

A. Times higher – BBC world university top 200 (including domestic universities)

B. The doctor of natural science has published 3 academic papers above JCR 2 during his/her doctoral study.

For the assessment requirements and specific management requirements of postdoctoral candidates, please refer to Shenzhen postdoctoral management regulations and Shenzhen university postdoctoral management regulations

7. Deadline:

Long-term effective

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