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Hunan University


College of Materials Science and Engineering, Hunan University

Founded in 2000, the College of Materials Science and Engineering is one of the best-known materials science and engineering programs in China, providing nearly all the major disciplines, such as Metallurgy and Metals Forming, Carbon and Ceramic Materials Engineering, Polymer Science, Materials Physics and Chemistry. The college has currently 68 faculty members and 24 technical and administrative staff members, educating about 1000 undergraduates and 400 doctoral/master degree graduates, conducting mostly cutting-edge research projects funded by state-agencies and high-tech companies, and running advanced research and educational facilities to serve the students and the society. The ESI (essential science indicators) of Materials Science at Hunan University is presently ranked at 260 over 719 top 1% institutions in the world. Aiming to provide best education programs and to conduct leading research projects at the world-level, the college warmly welcomes the talents to join the faculty at all position levels with increasingly competing salaries and benefits.


Available Positions:

ProfessorHigh-level talents

  • Number of vacancies: 2

Assistant Professor in Materials Processing Engineering

  • Number of vacancies: 1


  • Obtained a PhD degree in Physics and chemistry of materials, metal surface treatment, material melding process, and other related areas from an internationally renowned university.
  • Published at least three SCI Journal Papers.
  • Fluent in English communication and technical writing, applications of non-Chinese origin is encouraged to have basic Chinese communication skills.


  • Conduct full-time lecturing and research in the relevant disciplines.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Annual salary RMB 100,000~200,000, depending on applicant position. Candidates with special experiences and strong academic record will be given special consideration.
  • Settlement allowance: RMB 200,000 for professors and RMB 140,000 for assistant professor, paid in monthly within five years.
  • Monthly accommodation rental subsidy within 2 years, RMB 400~600 for assistant professor. RMB 800 for professors.
  • Start-up research package of RMB 100,000 for professors.
  • Youth Scholars funding available for assistant professor and associated professor under 40 years old, with a lump-sum research grant of RMB 250,000, to be distributed in five years.
  • The priority support of the laboratory building and team building given by the College.
  • Full university benefits and public insurance.
  • Subsidiary nursery school, primary school and middle school, ranked top in the city.
  • 3 months University semester vacation, summer vacation runs from July to August and winter vacation around Chinese New Year.

Application Deadline:

  • Open until filled.

Position Start Date:

  • Available immediately.


Hunan University:

Hunan University is situated at the foot of the picturesque Yuelu Mountain, and on the west bank of the rippling Xiang River in the historically and culturally renowned City of Changsha, capital city of Hunan Province.

It is one of the key universities affiliated with the Ministry of Education of China, and is now included in the state’s “Project 211” and “Project 985” for priority investment and construction. The University, dating back to Yuelu Academy’s foundation in 976 A.D., experienced the time change of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty for more than one thousand years, is honoured as “A Well-known Millenarian Academy and a Famous Centennial University”. Now it becomes a comprehensive and well-coordinated university with a Graduate School and 23 colleges, offering programs in 11 fields, i.e., philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management, medicine and art.

It has a staff of over 4,600 with a faculty of nearly 2000. The student body totals nearly 34,000, of which over 20,600 are undergraduates and over 13,000 are graduates. The university has established cooperative ties with 120 universities and research institutes across the world. Experts recruited every year have come to over 300 for long or short terms. To know more about Hunan University, please visit


About City of Changsha:

Changsha is the capital city of Hunan province, as well as the centre of the province in terms of politics, economy, culture, education, transportation, finance, business and information.

It is quite a large place occupying land of 11,800, and with a population of 7 million. Surrounding the city are the beautiful Yuelu Mountain, Dawei Mountain and Weishan Mountain, and the Xiangjiang River runs from its north to south. As a famous ancient city with a history of 3,500 years, Changsha is among the first group of 24 Chinese cultural and historical cities and open tourist cities, and is listed in “China’s Top 10 Ecological, Liveable and Leisure Cities”.

The famous historical heritages here are the Mawangdui Tomb, the Yuelu Academy, the Kaifu Temple and the Tianxin Pavilion. Changsha culturalized many great figures in both ancient and modern history of China such as Qu Yuan, Jia Yi, Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi, and is reputed as the cradle of ancient Chu Xiang Culture and modern Revolution. The Hunan cuisine, Hunan embroidery and Hunan opera are all with recognizable local characteristics.

Nowadays Changsha, an open city enjoying the fastest economic growth and immense vitality, will attract more and more domestic and overseas visitors.


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