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Yunnan University, as one of the first batch of 42 first-class universities to be built in China has, after nearly a century of existence, made major progress in training and teaching fine minds and in scientific research, as well as extending its influence internationally. It is aiming to develop into a world-class university by the middle of the century. To achieve this goal, YNU is comprehensively strengthening its academic disciplines and is recruiting outstanding personnel, especially discipline leaders with management ability. To this end, the university has decided to recruit college deans from both within China and from abroad.

1. Qualifications

(1) With excellent ideological and political qualities, which meet the requirements for teacher morals and ethics in colleges and universities.

(2) Have served in senior professional technical positions in related majors, possessing high academic status or academic influence at home and abroad. Priority is given to those with management experience in universities or research institutions.

(3) To be in good health to meet the requirements of the position.

2. Application or recommendation materials

(1) Personal basic information.

(2) Education and work experience, from the applicant’s time as an undergraduate.

(3) Overview of academic achievements, with fewer than 10 representative works attached.

(4) Assumption of performing the duties.

3. Post treatment

(1) The annual salary and benefits are not less than the standard of especially appointed professors of the Dongle campus at Yunnan University.

(2) Dean’s allowance during tenure of office.

(3) Academic platform and start-up funds based on academic development plans.

(4) The above-mentioned relevant details need to be negotiated in person.

4. Responsibilities

(1) Preside over the administrative work of the college and organize the development plan of the college.

(2) Fully responsible for the development of discipline of the college and enhance the development levels of discipline.

(3) Fully responsible for teaching and educating students and scientific research to improve the college’s academic levels.

(4) Strengthen the development of the college’s teaching staff members and recruit and train young teachers.

(5) Train students and carry out academic research.

5. Contact

(1) Teacher Zhang, Personnel Office of Yunnan University

Tel: + 86-871-65934858; Email:

(2) Introduction to Yunnan University and its colleges (

Please attach the recruitment positions, for example:

  • Dean of the School of Marxism
  • Dean of the School of Business Administration and Tourism Management
  • Dean of the School of Law
  • President of the Institute of Higher Education
  • Dean of the School of Ecology and Environment
  • Dean of the School of Materials and Energy

Yunnan University

May 14, 2020

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