Recruitment Notice: Academic English Teacher for the Law School, Ocean University of China, Laoshan Campus, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China.

UA-OUC Cooperative Law Program

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In accordance with the principle of open and merit-based recruitment and comprehensive assessment, the Law School of Ocean University of China (OUC), Laoshan Campus, Qingdao, plans to recruit 1 foreign academic English teacher. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows.

  • Introduction

Ocean University of China is a top-ranked comprehensive university in China that has long been supported by the Chinese government through its “Project 985” “Project 211” and “Project Double First-Class”.

On December 23, 2023, the Law School of OUC was approved by the Ministry of Education to establish an innovation base for the training of global legal talents. The Base, jointly built by Ocean University of China, the United Nations Development Programme China Office and Foreign Environmental Cooperation Center under Ministry of Ecology and Environment, aims to cultivate professional global legal talents with a focus on international ocean governance and environment affairs. The Base offers programs at the bachelor, master and doctoral level with an especially designed curriculum.

  • Responsibilities
  1. Responsible for the daily English teaching tasks of the programs starting from 14thSep 2024, including course teaching for the program students (8-10 teaching hours per week), after-class tutoring, and related extracurricular activities.
  • one Englishcourse for the first year undergraduate students: 2 credits (2 teaching hours per week), 2-3 sessions with about 20 students for each session
  • one English course for the first year graduate students majored in Law: 2 credits (2 teaching hours per week), 2 sessions with 15 students for each session
  1. Undertake other tasks assigned by the Law School, including but not limited to designing syllabus, improving the contents of courses, hosting foreign language corners, serving as judges in foreign language competitions such as debates and speech contests, participating in teaching seminars organized by relevant departments, etc.,to promote teaching quality.
  2. 3. Subject to OUC Law School’s administration as full-time staff.
  • Requirements
  1. MA in TESOL or related field
  2. At least two years of experience teaching at the university level
  3. Preferred Qualifications: At least two years teaching Englishat a US/UK or other native-speakinguniversity, preferably to EAL writers; Experience in teaching writing with genre-based and/or content-based approaches.
  • Procedures
  1. Individual registration: Please pack your resume (including your study and work experience, professional skills, part-time jobs/other relevant experience, personal family status, etc.) and relevant supporting materials that can reflect your education background and work ability, and forward to 20thJuly, 2024.

Please fill in the application information in the resume truthfully. If any inconsistencies are discovered, once verified, applications will be cancelled. Paper resume materials will not be accepted during the registration period. After being shortlisted in the primary selection process, candidates shall provide hard copies according to OUC’s requirements.

  1. Law School of OUC shall conduct a comprehensive investigation into any applications to best determine the most suitable candidate to be employed. Candidates will be notified of the investigation process in due course.
  2. Further investigation andapprovalfrom OUC.
  • Salaries and Benefits
  1. Provide a monthly salary of (pre-tax) RMB 8400-16800depending on the applicants’ qualifications and abilities.
  2. Other subsidiesfor international travel, medical insurance, heating expenses, free campus accommodation/rental costs, internet, and so on.
  • Contact us

Tel: 0532-66787313


Address: No. 238 Songling Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao

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