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ShanghaiTech is a young resource-rich university with a modern residential campus in the heart of Shanghai Pudong’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. With an academic focus on STEM research, ShanghaiTech is committed to serving China’s national challenges in economic and social development with the focus on science and technology, and nurturing the next generation of innovative scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs.With the backing and support of Shanghai Municipal Government and Chinese Academy of Sciences, ShanghaiTech’s six schools and four research institutes are committed to tackling the challenges that China and the world are facing in the fields of energy, materials, biology, environment, human health, information technology and mathematics. For more information, please visit: www.shanghaitech.edu.cn.

ShanghaiTech is now seeking talents in the following fields:

School of Physical Science and Technology: energy, system materials, photon and condensed state, material biology, environmental science and engineering

School of Life Science and Technology: molecular and cell biology, structural biology, neuroscience, immunology, stem cells and regenerative medicine, system biology and biological data, molecular imaging, biomedical engineering

School of Information Science and Technology: computer science, electrical engineering, information engineering, artificial intelligence, network and communication, virtual reality, statistics, big data and data mining

School of Entrepreneurship and Management: economics, finance, accounting, management, marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship

School of Creativity and Art: intelligent design, entertainment design

School of Biomedical Engineering: medical imaging and informatics, intelligent medicine, smart biomedical instruments

Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies: antibody therapy, Immunotherapy, cell therapy, regeneration medicine

iHuman Institute: bio-imaging, biology, chemistry, computational biology, AI/ML

Institute of Mathematical Sciences: pure mathematics, theory of computing, applied mathematics

Institute of Humanities: Chinese Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Logic, Science Philosophy, Aesthetics, Ancient literature, modern literature, literary theory, comparative literature and world literature, Chinese writing, Chinese history, World history, Historical theory, Art history, English language teaching & English literature, French, German, British and American literature, French literature, German literature, Cultural Anthropology, Political Theory, the Science of Law, Social Theory


Following positions are opening:

Tenured and Tenure-track positions: assistant professor, associate professor and full professor. Successful applicants will have a doctoral degree, and are expected to establish a record for independent, internationally recognized research, supervise students and teach high-quality courses.

Research positions: post-doctoral research fellow, research assistant professor, research associate professor and research professor. Successful applicants will have a doctoral degree, a good research record and great passion for research.

Assistant positions: teaching assistant, research assistant, and administrative officer. Successful applicants will have a Master’s degree and relevant working experience.


ShanghaiTech will offer attractive compensation packages, including:

Initial research support package: reasonable start-up funds, research associates and post-doctoral fellows, laboratory space to meet research needs.

Compensation and benefits: highly competitive salary commensurate with experience and academic accomplishments, a comprehensive benefit package.

Subsidized housing: on-campus 80/100/120 m2 faculty apartments available at low rent for tenured and tenure-track faculty, on-campus postdoctoral dormitories, off-campus postdoctoral apartments and municipal apartments subsidized by Shanghai government.

Relocation & travel allowance: reimbursement of expenses for household relocation and family’s one-way travel.

Family assistance: support with children’s education; affiliated kindergarten, primary and middle schools.

To apply: using this format, please submit

1. Cover letter (Firstname_Lastname_Cover_Letter.pdf)

2. Research plan (Firstname_Lastname_Research_Plan.pdf)

3. CV (Firstname_Lastname_CV.pdf)

To talents@shanghaitech.edu.cn

For more information, visit https://jobs.shanghaitech.edu.cn/


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