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ShanghaiTech is a young world-class research university for training future generations of scientists, entrepreneurs, and technical leaders. Our new campus is located in the modern Pudong district of Shanghai, a modern area that attracts thousands of high-tech ventures, from young startups to well recognized tech giants.

The School of Creativity and Art at ShanghaiTech is an institute of higher education engaged internationally in research and education that integrate creative arts with advanced science and technology. The Lab for Experiential and Affective Design (LEAD) is one of a few advanced labs within the school.

LEAD was established in 2020 with the vision of applying scientific knowledge to the product design discipline. We collaborate with academic and corporate research labs in the areas of social cognition, artificial intelligence, adaptive systems, human-computer interactions, affective computing, and in industries such as medical devices, consumer electronics, mobile communications, transportation, robotics, and more.

Shimon Shmueli is a professor at the School of Creativity and Art and co-director of the Lab for Experiential and Affective Design. Originally from Israel, he also spent much of his career in the USA, in R&D and marketing management positions at IBM, as VP of products at Ossic, and CTO at KeyNetica and Serenium. Shimon is the co-founder of Syntheza, a California-based consultancy where he works with companies in the areas of product design, innovation, and strategy.

This position is for the Shimon Shmueli research group. Our main focus is in measuring affective response to products and developing design heuristics, patterns, and computerized design. Research is conducted with a range of tools, from established methods commonly used by social cognition scientists to AR/VR integrated with biometrics, as well as tools we develop specifically for research in the wild.

We are seeking creative, collaborative, agile problems solver, that is also an excellent software engineer, to work in our lab on exciting research projects.



• Program tools in C# and Unity for VR.
• Develop and maintain proprietary software apps and analytical models.
• Work closely with lab managers to select tools, establish and follow practices that assure quality, portability, safety, security, and privacy.
• Work collaboratively and effectively as part of interdisciplinary research teams.
• Implement UI for screens and VR.
• Implement 3D VR animations, UI, sound, interfaces with biosensors, and massive data storage.
• Propose creative solutions to meet research goals.
• Good interpersonal and external communication skills.



• Entrepreneurial mindset and desire for professional growth in disciplines relevant to our lab research.
• 3 years’ experience with Unity 3D
• Proficient in C#
• Experience with Python. Preferably experience with NumPy or other numerical/statistical libraries as well as data visualization libraries (i.e. Bokeh)
• Strong software design, development, and programming skills, such as object-oriented programming, design patterns, and game development.
• Exceptional problem-solving and debugging skills.
• Experience with databases, mobile app development, and source control systems.


• Familiarity with machine learning tools/frameworks.
• Experience with data analysis and statistics.
• Experience working with interfacing with hardware devices via USB or Bluetooth.
• Experience in working in academic research environment.
• Good level English for daily interactions. Intermediate level English for professional written communications.



Competitive salary, allowances and benefits are offered commensurate with qualifications and experience, in accordance with the standards of ShanghaiTech University.



Submit application via the ShanghaiTech Talent Acquisition System


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