Tenured Professor Positions in Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and Peking Union Medical College (PUMC)

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A leading force in medical research and education

Peking Union Medical College (PUMC), founded in 1917, was the first medical school in China to offer an eight-year curriculum leading to an M.D. degree. It was merged with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) in 1957, a leading medical research facility. Now operating as a single institution, CAMS and PUMC have been at the forefront of medical research innovation in China for over a century, providing world-class research facilities, opportunities and expertise. CAMS and PUMC also play a pivotal role in advising the government on health policy research and medical education reforms, and in safeguarding public health.

All-rounded resources for global talent

As a core base for building a national medical science and technology innovation system, CAMS and PUMC provide abundant resources for bright minds from around the world, offering them a platform for growth. The national-level comprehensive research institution integrates medical research, education, services, prevention and Industry.

Key Facts:

  • 19 research institutes, 6 hospitals, and 8 schools
  • 24 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • 1,073 PhD supervisors and 1,437 supervisors for Master student
  • A CAMS Academic Advisory Committee with 6 academic divisions and 219 members, who are top scientists.
  • 23 national platforms for intramural scientific research, including 6 State Key Laboratories and 5 National Clinical Research Centres
  • 89 extramural research institutions or units cooperated with other domestic institutions since 2019

Talent-centered innovation-driven ecosystem for medical research

CAMS and PUMC offer full support to newly hired researchers, with internationally competitive compensation packages and research funding. To encourage curiosity-driven exploration, we provide abundant long-term, non-competitive grants so that investigators can concentrate on their basic research. CAMS Innovation Fund for Medical Sciences (CIFMS), covering almost all academic areas in medical sciences since 2016, will strongly provide sustainable support for global talent. These benefits are coupled with our advanced research facilities and equipment, along with ample student support. For those who focus more on applied research, we have rich clinical resources, with access to six hospitals and five national clinical medicine research centres. Various platforms are set up to support collaboration with internal and external groups. Having implemented a tenure-track system in line with international standards, we can also ensure sustained support for tenured faculty members. For younger researchers, we have a mentor system to offer advice on grant applications, project management, and more. In addition, housing allowances, as well as office and lab space will be offered. CAMS and PUMC aim to provide the best environment for researchers.

Welcome global talents in all areas of medical and health sciences

CAMS and PUMC are looking for high-calibre candidates with extensive research experience in all medical and health-related fields. Applicants specialising in clinical medicine and basic medical sciences, biology, pharmacy, health and environmental sciences, biomedical engineering and informatics, social science and humanities, as well as cutting-edge technologies and multidisciplinary fields are all welcome.


Tenured Professor


1. An outstanding and peer-recognized track record of teaching, scientific research, and social services

2. Experiences serving as a tenured associate professor or above in a world-class university or equivalent research institution, or other top talent of equivalent level in a renowned domestic university or research institution

3. Able to commit to this role full-time

How to apply

Please send all the required application materials as one PDF document (in both Chinese and English), and refer to the following table for contact details.

1. Applied position

2. Curriculum vitae

3. Full text of representative papers from the past five years, and other notable research publications (cover and catalogue)

4. Brief introduction of expertise summary, academic achievements, and research innovations

5. Honours and awards

6. Overall work plan

Please attach your cover letter with an email title in the format of ‘Applied position – Affiliated institutions/hospitals – Applicant Name’ to the Personnel Office while cc’ing the relevant institutions/hospitals

Contact Information:

1. Personnel Office (Beijing)

Contact person:Ms. Wang, Mr. Li

Phone: +86-10-65105928, +86-10-65105703

Email: talents@cams.cn

Website: http://www.pumc.edu.cn/

2.Peking Union Medical College Hospital (Beijing)

Contact person:Ms. Liu

Phone: +86-10-69155893

Email: liujing33@pumch.cn

Website: https://www.pumch.cn/index.html

3.Fuwai Hospital (Beijing)

Contact person:Ms. Wang

Phone: +86-10-88398273

Email: fuwairencai@fuwai.com

Website: https://www.fuwaihospital.org/Hospitals/Main

4.Cancer Hospital (Beijing)

Contact person:Ms. Ma

Phone: +86-10-87788215

Email: humanresources@cicams.ac.cn

Website: http://www.cicams.ac.cn/

5.Plastic Surgery Hospital (Beijing)

Contact person:Mr. Fu

Phone: +86-10-88771511

Email: renshichu@psh.pumc.edu.cn

Website: http://www.zhengxing.com.cn/

6.Institute of Basic Medical Sciences (Beijing)

Contact person:Ms. Wang

Phone: +86-10-65253122

Email: hrdept@pumc.edu.cn

Website: http://sbm.pumc.edu.cn/

7.Institute of Material Medica (Beijing)

Contact person:Ms. Wu

Phone: +86-10-83166835

Email: hr@imm.ac.cn

Website: http://www.imm.ac.cn/

8.Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology (Beijing)

Contact person:Mr. Xin

Phone: +86-10-67016295

Email: hrm@imb.cams.cn

Website: http://www.imb.com.cn/

9.Institute of Medicinal Plant Development (Beijing)

Contact person:Ms. Qin

Phone: +86-10-57833022

Email: rsc@implad.ac.cn

Website: http://www.implad.ac.cn/

10.Institute of Medical Information (Beijing)

Contact person:Ms. Wang

Phone: +86-10-52328633

Email: wang.tingting@imicams.ac.cn

Website: https://www.imicams.ac.cn/

11.Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences (Beijing)

Contact person:Ms. Liu

Phone: +86-10-67776050

Email: renshichu@cnilas.org

Website: https://www.cnilas.org/

12.Institute of Microcirculation (Beijing)

Contact person:Mr. Yuan

Phone: +86-10-65126407

Email: wxhyjshr@imc.pumc.edu.cn

Website: http://www.imc.pumc.edu.cn/

13.Institute of Pathogen Biology (Beijing)

Contact person:Ms. Lei

Phone: +86-10-67837132

Email: ipbhr@ipbcams.ac.cn

Website: https://www.imbcams.ac.cn/

14.Blood Diseases Hospital/Institute of Hematology (Tianjin)

Contact person:Ms. Zhu

Phone: +86-22-23909037

Email: hrd9068@ihcams.ac.cn

Website: http://www.chinablood.com.cn/

15.Institute of Radiation Medicine (Tianjin)

Contact person:Mr. Li

Phone: +86-22-59653038

Email: liduo@irm-cams.ac.cn

Website: https://www.irm-cams.ac.cn/

16.Institute of Biomedical Engineering (Tianjin)

Contact person:Ms. Xiao

Phone: +86-22-87891095

Email: bmehr@bme.cams.cn

Website: http://www.bme.org.cn/

17.Hospital for Skin Diseases/Institute of Dermatology (Nanjing)

Contact person:Mr. Sun

Phone: +86-25-85478034

Email: pysrsc@pumcderm.cams.cn

Website: http://www.pumcderm.net/

18.Institute of Blood Transfusion (Chengdu)

Contact person:Mr. Liu

Phone: +86-28-61648535

Email: ibtrsc@ibt.pumc.edu.cn

Website: http://www.ibtcams.ac.cn/

19.Institute of Systems Medicine (Suzhou)

Contact person:Ms. Jin

Phone: +86-512-62873772

Email: hr@ism.cams.cn

Website: http://www.ismsz.cn/

20.Institute of Medical Biology (Kunming)

Contact person:Ms. Guo

Phone: +86-871-68324110

Email: 133@imbcams.com.cn

Website: https://www.imbcams.ac.cn/

21.School of Nursing (Beijing)

Contact person:Ms. Huang

Phone: +86-10-88771021

Email: admin@nursing.pumc.edu.cn

Website: https://nursing.pumc.edu.cn/

22.School of Population Medicine and Public Health (Beijing)

Contact person:Mr. Bian

Phone: +86-13911001589

Email: bianfeng@yzjg.pumc.edu.cn

23.School of Health Policy and Management (Beijing)

Contact person:Ms. Li

Phone: +86-15510506205

Email: leta216@pumc.edu.cn

24.School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Beijing)

Contact person:Ms. Lin

Phone: +86-10-65256005

Email: linling@shss.pumc.edu.cn

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