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The University of Electronic Science and Technology of Chinais a national key construction university of “985 Project” and “211 Project”. In 2017, it entered the national construction of “World-Class University” A-class universities. The university is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the “land of abundance”. In the fourth round of national first-level discipline evaluation, four disciplines were awarded class A, among which Electronic Science and Technology and Information and Communication Engineering were both A+, and the number of A+ disciplines ranked first in western universities. Engineering, Materials Science, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Neuroscience and Behavior Science, Biology and Biochemistry, and Mathematics, total 8 disciplines entered the top 1% of ESI, among which Engineering and Computer Science entered the top 1 ‰ of ESI. The UESTC has now become a multi-disciplinary research university which covers the whole electronic information disciplines, with electronic information science and technology as the core, engineering-oriented, science and technology penetration, and coordinated development of science, engineering, management, culture, and medicine.

The UESTC is one of the first universities to set up a postdoctoral school in China, with 15 schools and more than 600 post-doctors. The outstanding post-doctors include academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, etc. In order to better serve the construction of a world-class university, improve the quality of talent training, and improve the level of scientific research, the UESTC will vigorously developing post-doctoral career, establish a high-level full-time scientific research team, and conduct selection and training of outstanding teachers.

Now, with high-quality career platform, generous welfare and good career development channel, we sincerely invite outstanding overseas doctors to the UESTC to engage in post-doctoral research!

1. Postdoctoral schools

Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Physics, Optical Engineering, Computer science and Technology, Software Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology, Management Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Control Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Basic Theory of Marxism and Scientific System

2. Basic conditions for applying

(1) Obtain a doctor’s degree, excellent in character and learning, and good health;

(2) The age is generally under 35 years old, and those who are particularly outstanding, and those with special needs for the post can be appropriately selected;

(3) Have strong scientific research ability and good teamwork spirit.

3. Salary and treatment

(1) Basic salary: jointly provided by the UESTC and scientific research team

a. the UESTC funding: The standard is generally 90,000-150,000 RMB per year; those selected forvarious postdoctoral talent programs provide 180,000-400,000 RMB per year. If selected into International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program, he/she will be paid at least 400,000 RMB per year (all before tax, excluding part of five insurances and one fund paid).

b. Team funding: generally no less than 20% of the UESTC funding.

(2) The UESTC provides postdoctoral apartments (free of rent);

(3) The UESTC provides 10,000 RMB per year of daily academic funds, and the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation supports 20%;

(4) Academic achievements enjoy the UESTC’s achievement reward policy;

(5) Enjoy the UESTC enrollment policy for the children, and the school selection policy for the postdoctoral children of Sichuan Province;

(6) You can apply for professional title evaluation;

(7) Encourage and support postdoctoral research abroad;

(8) Excellent post-doctors can be employed as school teachers.

4. Application procedure

(1) Post-doctoral application are accepted throughout the year. For the recruitment direction of some cooperative supervisors, please refer to the website:

(2) Specific procedures for applying for post-doctor, please refer to the website:

5. Contact information

(1) School contact information:

(2) Postdoctoral Management Office: Gaojun Zhang

Mobile: 15928917501 (Wechat synchronization)

Tel: 028-61830536



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