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Applications will be reviewed upon receipt. Please submit your application as a complete package, including all requested documents, in PDF format to talents@westlake.edu.cn.

Founded in 2018, Westlake University is a new, private research university in Hangzhou, China. Preceded by the Westlake Institute for Advanced Study, Westlake University is creating a stimulating, world-class environment for research and education in science, engineering and technology, and the life sciences.

Westlake University seeks exceptional scholars in all areas of science and technology from around the world. If you believe you are among the best in your chosen research field, you may wish to consider an exciting career opportunity at Westlake University.

  • Faculty positions are open at four ranks: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor, and Chair Professor.
  • All faculty at Westlake receive an internationally competitive salary and benefits package that includes a generous housing allowance and a premium medical care plan for the entire family. Benefits have been structured to match or exceed those offered by elite private universities in the US.
  • Each faculty member is provided with an internationally competitive start-up package to ensure maximum freedom and creativity in pushing the envelope of human knowledge. The package includes long-term research funding, ample laboratory space, modern research equipment, technical and clerical support, and stable funding for graduate students and postdocs.
  • Research disciplines at Westlake include, but are not limited to: chemistry, mathematics, physics, all major branches of engineering and the life sciences, and interdisciplinary fields. Engineering disciplines include, but are not limited to, electrical engineering, computer science, information technology, energy and environment, nanotechnology and materials science, and emerging technologies. Westlake emphasizes interdisciplinary research and is particularly interested in faculty whose research bridges and extends traditional fields of study.

In addition, Westlake University has a number of advantages rarely found elsewhere. First, opportunities for collaboration arise spontaneously as faculty and students from diverse disciplines interact daily in the coffee shop, cafeteria, faculty club, lounges, and seminar rooms of our compact, walkable campus. Second, all faculty members joining Westlake during its formative years will contribute to the exciting rise of a new, private research university, the first of its kind in the history of China. As the university grows and develops, faculty will realize their own dreams and together build an exceptional institution designed to be a world-class model of higher education and research. Third, by virtue of the size and culture of Westlake, you will join a collegial group of scholars where your opinions are valued. You will help establish the standards and traditions of a new institution, a once-in-a-lifetime privilege afforded to only a small group. You will discover, create, and teach in a scholar-friendly environment, with leaders drawn from the faculty and dedicated to serving their needs. Westlake University has already succeeded in creating a strong mission and sense of place – we invite you to create the future with us.

Please send your application documents in PDF format to talents@westlake.edu.cn


  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae – your up-to-date CV with publication list
  • Statement of research interests and proposed research topics (3-5 pages)


  • Arrange for 3 letters of reference (to be sent by referees directly to the above email address)


Office of Human Resources, Westlake University

Address: 18 Shilongshan Road, Cloud Town

Xihu District

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province 310024


For more information, please visit: https://en.westlake.edu.cn/Careers/OpenPositions/201912/t20191215_2922.shtml

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