ZKNU Recruitment Guide of Foreign Teachers for the Academic Year 2024-2025

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ZKNU Recruitment Guide of Foreign Teachers for the Academic Year 2024-2025

I.A Brief Introduction to Zhoukou Nalmal University

Zhoukou Normal University (ZKNU) is a public undergraduate college in Henan Province, located in Zhoukou,a city with historical and cultural background. Zhoukou is known as the “Pioneer of Jiuzhou (the times before Xia Dynasty), Holy Relic in ancient China”, because it is the birthplace of Fuxi Culture. The ancient philosopher Laozi, and some historical or cultural celebrities, such as Xie An, Zhou Xingsi, Cheng Hao and Yuan Shikai are all born here. In addition, it is also the place where Confucius conducted his study tour. ZKNU has convenient transportation, and it has easy access to Zhenghe (Zhengzhou to Hefei) high-speed railway, Daguang (Daqing to Guangzhou) expressway , Ningluo (Nanjing to Luoyang) expressway, and Luofu (Luohe to Fuyang) railway. With meticulous education ethos, good learning sprits, convenient transportation and a beautiful campus, it was granted as an advanced unit in greening and is acknowledged as an ideal place for students to study.

ZKNU was founded in 1973. It has an area of around 110 hectares and a construction area of more than 710,000 square meters, teaching instruments and equipment of a value of 340 million Yuan, 1.8 million library books, and all-around-campuses wireless network. Currently, it has more than 24,000 students and 1485 full-time faculty members, including 420 professors and associate professors, 1100 PhD and Master’s degree holders and over 100 part-time supervisors of graduate students. In addition, it also has 60 experts separately holding the titles of Henan Province Innovative Talents, provincial mainstay teachers and technical senior scholars.

Adhering to the open and international mode of education, the University has jointly trained master students with 12 universities or research institutions, such as Zhengzhou University, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Wuhan Institute of Physical Education. The school has established long-term intercollegiate relations with more than 30 universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Austria, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries and regions, and has cooperated with Georgia Southwestern State University in the United States, Compus University of Applied Science and Technology in Vienna, Austria, and Bottra University in Malaysia to organize 3 undergraduate education programs. As the construction unit of colleges with international characteristics in Henan Province and the base for the construction of international Chinese language promotion in Henan Province, the University recruits international students from all over the world, and has selected many Chinese teachers and volunteers to go to countries along the Belt and Road to engage in international Chinese language promotion. The university was successfully approved as the construction unit of Henan Province International Characteristic University.

At present, the school is in a critical period for the construction of a high-level and application-oriented university, and high-level talents at home and abroad are welcome to work in the school.

II. Recruitment Posts

Duration: The academic year of 2024-2025(can be renewed);

Number of employees: one France teacher、one English teacher;

III. Qualifications and Requirements

1. Native speakers of France, Native speakers of English, age under 60;

2. Bachelor’s degree or above;

3. 2 years or above teaching experience preferred.

IV. Position Responsibilities

1. The teaching starting date is September 2024;

2. Teach speaking and writing courses for undergraduate programs, 16-22 hours per week.

V. Salary and Benefits

1. Salary: 8000-12000 CNY per month, free medical insurance, free work visa, airfare reimbursement for one year contract;

2. Accommodation: free apartment.

VI. Contact

Tel: Sophia 0394-8178978

Email: fao@zknu.edu.cn

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