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Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages is located in the city of Shaoxing, in China’s eastern Zhejiang Province. Shaoxing is just one and a half hours from Shanghai by train, and only a 40-minute road journey from Hangzhou International Airport, 23 mins by express train to Hangzhou where G20 take place.


Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages is a full-time institute of tertiary education, recognised by China’s National Ministry of Education. Today, the university has two campuses – the Jishan Campus and the Jinhu Campus –approximately a 20-30 minute bus ride apart. A total of ten, specialised colleges are distributed across the twin campuses. The colleges are:

  • The College of English
  • The College of Euro-languages
  • The College of Oriental Languages
  • The College of International Business
  • The College of Network Communication
  • The College of Hotel Management
  • The UIndy International College
  • The College of Adult Education
  • The College of Chinese Language

There are 23 different majors available to students, at undergraduate and higher vocational levels. When it comes to the number of registered students and language courses available, the University is the largest of its kind.

The university has more than 17,000 full-time undergraduates and vocational students, taught by over 800 full-time teachers: including more than 100 foreign teachers from 20 different countries.

Teaching Positions Available at Yuexiu:

  • Teachers of Business and English Literature
  • Teachers of French, German, Spanish, Italian
  • Teachers of Hotel Management

Requirements for Candidates:

  • Bachelors degree or above
  • 3 years teaching experience.
  • TESOL/ESL certificate
  • Physically healthy, easy-going, open-minded and cooperative
  • Under the age of 60

Documents required:

  • A photocopy of your current passport showing its expiry date
  • Photocopies of your degree certificate(s) and degree authentication
  • Current CV with the names and contact details of two referees
  • TESOL Certificate (or equivalent)
  • Reference letter from your present or most recent employer
  • Recent health check report
  • Recent photo
  • No criminal record

Workloads and benefits:

  • Teaching hours: 16 periods  per week
  • Monthly salary: 7000RMB and above depending on experience and qualifications
  • Travel allowance: 2200 RMB per year
  • International travel allowance of RMB 11000 per year
  • Accommodation: Furnished apartment with facilities including TV, AC, free Internet access
  • Free Chinese classes
  • Free seminars on teaching development

Visa application guide:

Before arrival

  • Teachers must provide the documents required and a signed copy of the draft contract.
  • Yuexiu will apply to the local Foreign Expert Bureau for a work permit.
  • Yuexiu will apply to the local Foreign Affairs Office for a work visa invitation.
  • Yuexiu will send the work permit and work visa invitation (originals) to applicants.
  • Teachers apply to their local Chinese embassy for a work (Z) visa.

After arrival

  • Teachers register at local PSB within 24 hours of arrival.
  • Yuexiu will organize local health check for teachers.
  • Yuexiu will purchase safety insurance for teachers.
  • Yuexiu will apply for the expert certificate for teachers.
  • Teachers apply for a residence permit (multiple entries allowed into China within the valid date).

Welcome to Foreign teachers’ community

There are a number of volunteer foreign teachers and students who help build a vibrant community for anyone working at Yuexiu. Their role is to support  teachers, as they adjust to teaching and living in China. Throughout the semester, a range of activities and events are organized to help make you feel at home. Your Yuexiu experience will begin with being met at airport. After that, expect to be invited to discussions on effective teaching practices, language lessons, movie screenings, themed parties, music and dance evenings, communal dinners, and weekend trips to attractions in the province.


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