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Post JOBS - 发布职位

If you are an employer/agency, you can register as employer and post jobs as per instruction. If you prefer not to register, you can fill out the following form, pay package fees and contact WeChat ID cuj211 to publish

如果您是高校/中介机构,您可以注册并按指示发布职位。您亦可填写以下表格,支付会员费用,并联系微信ID cuj211直接发布

  • 发布费用:398元/次
  • 季度套餐(季度内每周刷新,共13次):2980元
  • 半年套餐(半年内每周刷新,共26次):4980元
  • 全年套餐(一年内每周刷新,共52次):8980元
  • Standard Rate: 398 RMB for a single job post
  • Quarter Plan (13 weekly-refreshes within 3 months): 2980 RMB
  • Half-year Plan (26 weekly-refreshes within 6 months): 4980 RMB
  • Year Plan (52 weekly-refreshes within a year): 8980 RMB


Featured positions (with an asterisk in the upper left corner) are always listed on top of the job list.

  • 精选职位:1280元/月
  • 半年套餐:6280元/半年
  • 全年套餐:10880元/年
  • Featured Job: 1280 RMB
  • Half-year Plan: 6280 RMB
  • Year Plan: 10880 RMB




联系微信ID cuj211获取更多帮助

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