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About CAU

China Agricultural University (CAU) has been a research-based university specializing in agronomy, biotechnology, agriculture engineering and food science. CAU has integrated distinctive features and complementary advantages by setting up subject clusters, including Agronomy and Biotechnology, Resources and Environmental Sciences, Information and Computer Science, Agricultural Engineering and Autonomous Science, Economic Management and Social Science, etc. It also covers 9 disciplines: Agriculture, Engineering, Science, Economics, Management, Law, Literature and Philosophy.


CAU started at the School of Agricultural Science of the Imperial University of Peking in 1905, the cradle of China’s higher agricultural education. In 1949, three Colleges of Agriculture from Peking University, Tsinghua University and North China University cofounded Beijing Agricultural University (BAU). In 1995, BAU merged with Beijing Agricultural Engineering University (BAEU) and the new university was renamed as China Agricultural University (CAU).

Subject Characteristics

In 2017, CAU was selected as University with First-class Disciplines and 6 disciplines awarded A+ as below.

  • – Veterinary Science
  • – Animal Husbandry
  • – Food Science and Engineering
  • – Agricultural Resources and Environment
  • – Biology
  • – Agricultural Engineering
  • – Crop Science
  • – Plant Protection
  • – Agrostology

Talents Recruitment

Since 2018, CAU has further implemented the strategy of “developing the university with attracted talents” focusing in the fields of national food security, ecosystem, nutrition and health, agricultural industrialization and informationization, regional development, agricultural internationalization, etc. It also implements the “315 Talent Project”, which is to introduce over 300 outstanding teachers, introduce and train about 100 young academic backbone members, as well as near 50 academic subject leaders from 2018 to 2020. Our recruitment opens for all year long so that talents can join CAU at any time.

Leading Talent and Team


  • Working experiences in famous universities or research institutions both domestic and abroad are needed.

Salary and Benefits

  • First term of employment: 5 years
  • Basic annual salary: Refer to the position of Distinguished Professors
  • Housing: Purchase houses from a selected range at a preferential price
  • Start-up Fund: Negotiable

Outstanding Talent


  • Applicants should hold a doctoral degree, under 45 years old and have acquired outstanding academic achievements in relevant fields with recognition from peers.

Salary and Benefits

  • First term of employment: 5 years
  • Basic annual salary: 400,000 RMB
  • Housing: Rent houses from available options at a preferential price
  • Start-up Fund: Range from one to three million RMB

Excellent talents


  • Applicants should hold a doctoral degree, under the age of 35 (no more than 38 years old if distinguished work in academic has been achieved) or under 40 years old in social science fields. Outstanding academic acquirement in relevant fields with creative research findings and abilities such as great scientific potential and good teamwork spirit are also required.

Salary and Benefits

  • First term of employment: 5 years
  • Basic annual salary: 350,000 RMB
  • Housing: Priority is given to rent relocation house with discount when available
  • Start-up Fund: Funds allocated by colleges based on each case



  • Applicants should have a doctoral degree, under the age of 35, experience of post-doctoral in high-leveled universities or research institutions either domestic or abroad is highly desired, or one should be as outstanding PhD graduates.

Salary and Benefits

  • First term of employment: 3 years
  • Basic annual salary: 200,000 RMB



  • Applicants who obtain a doctoral degree either domestic or overseas in recent three years, should also under 35 years old, with relatively high academic level and strong scientific research ability are required.

Salary and Benefits

  • First term of employment: 2-4 years
  • Basic annual salary: 300,000 RMB (National projects); 200,000 RMB (University projects)
  • Housing: Apartments can be provided to National project candidates

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