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The Invitation from National Engineering Laboratory for Cyberlearning and Intelligent Technology(CIT) of Beijing Normal University


Beijing Normal University (BNU) is a public comprehensive university that is renowned for teacher education, education science and basic sciences and humanities. Its roots go back to 1902 when it was established as the Normal School of the Imperial University of Peking. BNU is among the first batch of China’s “Project 211” and “Project 985” aimed at building high-level universities. In 2017, it was included into the Category-A list of the country’s initiative to build world-class universities.

Beijing Normal University ranks 24th in the world in the comprehensive ranking of education disciplines. It has active educational technology innovation, prominent technical characteristics and industry status in the field of Internet education, and has leading technical achievements, R & D experimental facilities and the foundation of industry university research and application cooperation in the field of Internet education.

National Engineering laboratory for Cyberlearning and Intelligent Technology (CIT) was established by Beijing Normal University(BNU) and jointly organized by Tsinghua University, China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC), Elernity and IFLYTEK CO.LTD. Aimed at the issues such as uneven distribution of high-quality educational resources, inadequate capacity of individualized learning services and so on, the National Engineering laboratory focuses on the sharing of high-quality educational resources and the urgent need of intelligent educational resources to set up a research platform for Cyberlearning and Intelligent Technology. It will support Interactive System for Distance Education, Knowledge Modeling and Analysis, Learner Modeling and Learning Analytics, Design and Assessment of Learning Environment, Systematic Education Governance as well as other technological R&D and engineering.

Smart Learning Institute (SLI) is affiliated to Beijing Normal University (BNU), and serves as an experimental platform comprising scientific research, technology development and education. SLI focuses on researching learning patterns under ICT environments, designing smart learning environments and building platforms that enable life-long learning and support the various, personalized and differentiated learning styles of digital learners.

The Education Informatization Strategy Research Base (Beijing) relies on the construction of Beijing Normal University, focusing on the development of smart education, the application of artificial intelligence education, and international comparative research on education informatization to carry out strategic research.

The UNESCO Chair on Artificial Intelligence and Education aims to promote research, training, resource sharing, and exchange in the field of artificial intelligence in education.

Beijing Normal University is inviting applicants for postdoctoral position in National Engineering Laboratory for Cyberlearning and Intelligent Technology (CIT).

I. Categories and Remuneration & Benefits:

Remuneration & Benefits
National Project Postdoctoral positionThis program is jointly funded by BNU and the national special funds for postdoctoral fellows. The selected items consist of all kinds of postdoctoral talent programs set up uniformly by the state, such as the National Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talents, Postdoctoral International Exchange Program, Postdoctoral International Exchange Fellowship Program, Hong Kong Scholars Program, Macau Young Scholars Program, and China-Germany Postdoctoral Exchange Program.
1. The pre-tax annual salary for each successful candidate is RMB 350,000.2. Each successful candidate will be provided with a yearly housing subsidy of RMB 50,000 for them to rent apartments based on the availability and market price.3. The successful candidates can register their children for Beijing Normal University Kindergarten New Campus Branch or Changping School Attached to Beijing Normal University during their two-year stay in BNU.
Liyun Postdoctoral ProgramThis program is funded by Beijing Normal University as an elite postdoctoral program, it aims to attract outstanding candidates with academic excellence from all over the world. The recruitment requirements refer to the requirements of national programs: ” Postdoctoral International Exchange Program ” and ” National Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talents ” issued by National Postdoctoral Management Committee. With outstanding academic development and innovation potential, he or she has put forward new ideas and ideas in basic researches or frontier researches, and published several representative papers in high-impact journals or conferences in the related field are encouraged to apply.
1. The pre-tax annual salary for each successful candidate is RMB 300,000.2. The University provides each of the Liyun postdocs with a yearly rent subsidy of RMB 50,000 for them to rent apartments based on the availability and market price.3. The successful candidates can register their children for Beijing Normal University Kindergarten New Campus (in Shahe town) or the primary school of Changping Affiliated School of Beijing Normal University (in Shahe town) during their two-year stay in BNU.
Category-A Postdoctoral ProgramApplicants should have obtained the doctoral degree from a first-class university in China or abroad within the past three years, excellent in character and learning, in good health, under the age of 35, and should work full-time in thestation. In the past five years, he or she should have achieved a high level of scientific research achievements in related fields.
1. The pre-tax annual salary for each successful candidate is RMB 180,000. Remuneration and welfares are negotiable (including basic salary and allowance subsidies, social security fund and public accumulation fund).2. Provide competitive performance incentives and matched life allowance based on the position, achievements, and contribution towards the development of the institution.3. Our institution will provide top skilled supervisor, superior resources and platforms, favorable working and scientific researching environment, opportunities for international communications, open projects and working in a cooperative team.4. For the candidates who obtained great achievements during the employment period, they will be recommended preferentially to work in our institution and our joint institutes after the completion of their post doctorate programs.5. The salary rate of excellent candidates can refer to the standard of Liyun postdoctoral position.

Category-B Postdoctoral ProgramApplicants should have obtained the doctoral degree within the past three years, under the age of 35, with sound moral character and potential for science and research.
1. The candidates can discuss with the postdoctoral supervisor about the salary, and research performance reward are available.2. The salary rate of the excellent candidates can refer to the standard of Category-A postdoctoral position.
II. Main Research Fields and Cooperative Instructors:
Research Fields
Interactive System for Distance EducationResearch on Interactive theory and modeling,naturalism interactive model,multi-modal data fusion and multi-network fusion/multi-point interactive remote real-time high-speed transmission technology.
   BNU professors:Prof.Shengquan YuProf. Ning MaAssociate Prof. Baoping Li

Associate Prof. Yu Lu

Experts from Joint Institute:

Part-time researcher Geng Liu

Knowledge Modeling and AnalysisResearch on Discipline knowledge technique, Knowledge analysis key technique, Knowledge service key technique. Research and develop the series of standards, models and tools related to discipline knowledge and resources, as well as service platforms
BNU professors:Prof. Yanyan LiAssociate Prof. Ying ZhouAssociate Prof. Lanqin ZhengAssociate Prof. Guoqing Zhao

Experts from Joint Institute:

Researcher: Bin Xu

Learner Modeling and Learning AnalyticsIntelligent Technology based on Educational Data Acquisition, Learner Modeling and Learning Analysis,construct internet-age learner model, develop Monitoring demonstration system for students’ development and Monitoring and learning analysis system in the process of teaching.
BNU professors:Prof. Li ChenProf. Qinhua ZhengProf. Xiaoying FengProf. Jingjing Zhang

Experts from Joint Institute:

Part-time researcher Xiaoru Wu

Design and Assessment of Learning EnvironmentEnhancement technology of learning space, optimal design technology, assessment and evaluation technology, constructing typical learning space and conduct design and evaluation of Multi-field Intelligent Learning Environment.
BNU professors:Prof. Ronghuai HuangProf. Guangzuo CuiProf. Asha Singh KanwarSenior engineer Lixin Zhu

Associate researcher Ahmed Tlili

Associate Prof. Jinbao Zhang

Associate Prof. Guang Chen

Experts from Joint Institute:

Part-time Prof. Dejian Liu


Systematic Education GovernanceReal-time comprehensive analysis for multidimensional education data, dynamic simulation imitation for education administration, big data visual analysis.  Construct simulation and decision-making demonstration platform for education administration.
BNU professors:Prof. Guangju ChenAssociate Prof. Lili TongAssociate Prof. Rongxia ZhuangExperts from Joint Institute:

Prof. Shaofeng Yang

Integration of Science and Technology and EducationGuiding the development direction of basic research in Educational Science. Propose policy proposals for the deployment of educational scientific research,cultivate major research program for Educational Information Technology.
BNU professors:Prof. Fati WuProf. Yan DongProf. Yushun LiProf. Qian Fu

Associate Prof. Juan Wu

Associate Prof. Su Cai

III. Application Procedures:Applicants shall send the following materials to the e-mail address:

  • CV, including educational background, working experience, etc.
  • Three representative academic papers in the past five years.
  • Other supportive relative materials, including certificates, rewards, patents, books, etc.

The subject line of the email should indicate “Application for CIT postdocs + name + name of the institution”. After passing the preliminary examination, candidates will be notified to submit application materials as required and conduct interviews. Please refer to the post-doc column of the website of the Personnel Office of BNU:

IV. Contact information:

CIT home page:


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