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I. About Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)

Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) was founded in 1920. Known as the “Cradle of Engineers”, it was designated as one of the first batch of six national key universities in 1954 and was included into the first group of nine universities of “985 Project” in 1999. In 2017, HIT was rated as one of the Category A universities in “Double First-Class” Initiative. In 2022, HIT’s eight disciplines were included in the updated “First Class Discipline” list. In the US News World University Rankings 2023 for Engineering, HIT was ranked 5th in the world.


In order to promote Sino-Russian educational exchange and cooperation, deepen integration of respective high-quality resources, and establish a solid joint talent training and high-level innovation and research base between the two countries, HIT and St Petersburg University (SPbU) have started the development of China-Russia Joint Campus since April 2019. The Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Campus was solemnly held on July 7th 2020. Two years later in March 2022, it entered into the stage of content construction and spirit cultivation, with three cooperative programs, including majors of mathematics and applied mathematics, applied physics, and chemistry, successfully approved by MOE. In September 2022, the first batch of students enrolled in the China-Russia Joint Campus.

HIT has been continuously exploring the “1+N” approaches of Chinese-foreign cooperative education. For example, it has signed agreements to send excellent undergraduates overseas for master’s degrees, and set up bachelor, master, and doctor level joint training programs, with a group of high-level universities in Russia, including Bauman Moscow State Technical University, National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Campus, and Moscow Aviation University. In order to further strengthen internationalized teaching force, promote the development of the China-Russia Joint Campus, and accelerate the construction of high-level teaching and research system conforming with “Chinese-Style & World-Class” university overall planning and talent cultivation objectives, Harbin Institute of Technology hereby releases the global recruitment program of foreign assistant professors / excellent postdoctoral researchers, aiming to bring together rich intellectual resources of first-class faculty, first-class disciplines, and first-class talents to produce world-leading research.


II. Requirements

1. Abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and have good scientific ethics.

2. Research mainly focused on natural science, engineering and technology or related scientific fields.

3. Candidates for Assistant Professor should generally be no more than 32 years of age (this age requirement may be handled flexibly for those with outstanding academic performance); candidates for Regular Postdoctoral Researcher should be no more than 35 years of age.

4. Obtained a Ph.D. degree for less than three years. Those who are going to receive Ph.D. degrees in 2023 can also apply.

5. Have outstanding research accomplishments during Ph.D study. 6. Have the potential to become a young top talent in a specific research field.


III. Benefits

1. Position: Assistant Professor / Regular Postdoctoral Researcher


(1) The annual salary of the first employment period is RMB 310,000-350,000 for Assistant Professors or RMB 210,000-250,000 for Regular Postdoctoral Researchers.

(2) Other income depending on scientific research performance, with no ceiling.

3. Working conditions: HIT provides competitive work and research environment. HIT also provides research start-up fund and support to launch their own scientific research teams for Assistant Professors.

4. Promotion system: HIT provides 2-6 years of cultivation support, including optimal support for scientific research based on top faculty and high-level research academic platform, and encourages application for positions including Associate Professor and Professor.


IV. Position Information

Positions are open for application throughout 2023. Responses will be given within 1-2 months after your application is received.


Research field

Contact & E-mail

CV to E-mail

School of Mathematics

(1)Algebra; Number Theory; Topology

(2) Computational Mathematics; Finite Element Method; Image Processing; Inverse Problem; Multiscale modeling and simulation; Optimization Algorith; Game Theory; Decision Theory; Operational Research

(3) Differential Equation; Dynamical System;  Mathematical Biology; Mathematical Sociology

(4) Functional Analysis; Geometric Analysis; Harmonic Analysis

(5) Geophysics; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning

(6) Probability Theory; Statistics

Ms. Zhang


Office of Foreign Experts

Ms. Yu

(Please specify the department you apply for in your CV)

Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics

(1) Noncommutative Analysis and Geometry

(2) Algebra, Number Theory, Combinatorics

(3) Modern Analysis, Quantum Physics, Quantum Information

(4) Mathematical Logic, Nonstandard Analysis, Statistics, Economics

(5) Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning


Ms. Zhou

Division of Statistics (IASM)

(1)All areas in theoretical and applied statistics

(2)Econometric, Insurance, Finance

(3)Theoretical and Mathematical Economics

Dr. Duanmu

School of Physics

(1)Optics and Photonics

(2) Condensed Matter Physics

(3) Quantum Physics

(4) Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics

(5) Plasma Physics and Applied Technology

(6) Other physics-related fields

Dr. Yuan

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

(1) Macromolecular Materials

(2) New Power Supply

(3) Photoelectric Functional Crystal

(4) Material Surface and Interface Engineering

(5) New Energy Materials and Devices

(6) Biological Chemistry

(7) Energetic Materials


Ms. Lian

Faculty of Computing

(1) Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, deep learning, knowledge graph, explainable AI, computer vision, natural language processing, machine translation, robotics)

(2) Computer Architecture and Internet of Things

(3) Theory of Computation and Emerging Computing Paradigms (quantum computing, brain-inspired computing, etc)

(4) Distributed Computing (fundamental theory, cloud computing, edge computing, blockchain)

(5) Software Engineering (software architecture, software testing, vulnerability analysis, open source, DevOps, services computing)

(6) Metaverse and VR/AR

(7) Network security, data privacy preserving, social network analysis, cryptography

(8) Database and bug data

Dr. Zhang

International Institute for Applied Mechanics

(1) Mechanics of Materials and Structures

(2) Design, Fabrication and Mechanics of Composite Materials

(3) Fracturing Theory

(4) Smart Materials

Dr. Su

School of Transportation Science and Engineering

(1)Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

(2)Geotechnical Engineering

(3)Pavement and Airport Engineering

(4)Construction Engineering Materials

Dr. Wang


V. Contact Us

Office of Foreign Experts, International Cooperation Division of HIT Contact: Ms. Yu Email: Tel: +86-451-86416601

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