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I. About BNUBS

Founded in 1979, Beijing Normal University Business School (BNUBS) is one of the first schools authorized to confer doctoral degrees in China (1981). After more than 40 years of development, the School has become an important talent training and scientific research base of Economics and Business Administration disciplines in China. Currently, the school has three first-level disciplines of Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics and Business Administration, as well as doctoral programs of second-level disciplines of Educational Economics and Management, and a complete talent training system of bachelor, master (including MBA, MPAcc, MF, MIB) and doctoral degrees. BNUBS is an international business school accredited by EQUIS, the European Management Foundation. In the fifth round of discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education, theoretical economics was rated as Class A discipline; In the 2022 Discipline Ranking released by QS, one of the three most influential universities in the world, our accounting and finance disciplines rank 11th in universities in Chinese Mainland, and business and management research disciplines, economics and econometrics disciplines rank 12th; According to the 2022 discipline rating of China published by Thames Higher Education (THE), applied economics and business management of our school were rated A, and theoretical economics was rated A –.At present, with the mission of “Promoting business and culture to serve the nation and the world by creating knowledge and developing talents” and the values of “Inclusiveness, Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Accountability”(IDEA), the college is striving to become a first-class Business School with cultural heritage and international influence.

According to the needs of the discipline construction, we are now recruiting postdoctoral fellows at home and abroad for 2023, as follows.


II. Categories

1. Liyun Postdoctoral Program

Funded by Beijing Normal University as an elite postdoctoral program, it aims to attract outstanding candidates with academic excellence from all over the world.

2. Category-A Postdoctoral Program

Applicants should meet the specific demand of their host department for admission and the evaluation criteria when finishing the program. This program is jointly funded by BNU and the BNUBS (together with the postdoctoral supervisor).

3. Category-B Postdoctoral Program

Applicants should meet the basic requirements for postdoctoral fellowship application in China. The program is jointly funded by the BNUBS and the postdoctoral supervisor based on the needs of research projects.

4. National Postdoctoral Program

This program is jointly funded by BNU and the national special funds for postdoctoral fellows, such as the National Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talents, Hong Kong Scholars Program, Macau Young Scholars Program, and China-Germany Postdoctoral Exchange Program.


III. Eligibility

1. Applicants should hold PhD degrees from well-known universities or research institutes in China or abroad. Applicants applying for Liyun Postdoctoral Program and Postdoctoral Program at BNU Zhuhai (Category One) should be eligible for National programs, such as the National Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talents and Postdoctoral International Exchange Program.

2. Applicants should be under the age of 35 and received their PhD for less than 3 years prior to their postdoctoral application Full-time work at BNU is required during the postdoctoral program.

3. Applicants for all types of postdoctoral program (not including Category-B postdoctoral program) should meet the admission criteria of the host college.


IV. Remuneration and Benefits

1. Liyun Postdoctoral Program Each fellowship includes an annual pre-tax salary of 300,000 RMB, a housing subsidy of 50,000 RMB per year. Admitted candidates may register their children for Beijing Normal University affiliated school/kindergarten during their stay at BNU.

2. Category-A Postdoctoral ProgramEach fellowship shall have an annual pre-tax salary of 180,000 RMB.

3. Category-B Postdoctoral Program The candidates can discuss with the supervisor and the host college about the salary and then keep BNU informed.

4. National Postdoctoral Program For each successful candidate who is enrolled in the National Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talents, the pretax annual salary is raised to 350,000 RMB, in addition to a housing subsidy of 50,000 RMB per year. Admitted candidates may register their children for Beijing Normal University affiliated school/kindergarten during their stay at BNU. For those who are selected into other national programs, the remuneration and benefits will depend on the type of programs and relevant policies.


V. Procedures

Any interested candidate can submit an application to the postdoctoral supervisor. BNUBS will organize a preliminary review first. After the announcement of shortlist, BNU will conduct expert panel evaluations to make final decision.


VI. Contact Information

(Sorted by the first level discipline name and the last name of the cooperative tutor)


Serial Number Primary Discipline Research Direction Cooperative Mentor Mentor Email
1 Theoretical Economics International trade/labor economics/Environmental economy Professor Hongbo Cai
2 Theoretical Economics Enterprise Theory and Corporate Governance Professor Minghua Gao
3 Theoretical Economics Behavioral economics/ Experimental economics /labor economics Professor Haoran He
4 Theoretical Economics Capital market Professor Haifeng Hu
5 Theoretical Economics Development economics, China’s economic problems Professor Rui Li
6 Theoretical Economics Energy and climate economy Professor Lancui Liu
7 Theoretical Economics Educational economy Professor Zeyun Liu
8 Theoretical Economics Digital economy and management Professor Yudong Qi
9 Theoretical Economics International economy and trade Professor Ruxiao Qu
10 Theoretical Economics Financial technology , Quantitative trading, Digital economy Professor Yunchuan Sun
11 Theoretical Economics Education economy and Finance Professor Zhijun Sun
12 Theoretical Economics Education economy and management Professor Shanmai Wang
13 Theoretical Economics Income distribution and macroeconomic policy Professor Haiyuan Wan
14 Theoretical Economics International Trade Professor Hao Wei
15 Theoretical Economics Behavioral finance, securities investment, Fund Professor Yanran Wu
16 Theoretical Economics Educational economy Professor Juan Yang
17 Theoretical Economics Environmental Economy and Policy Professor Pingdan Zhang
18 Theoretical Economics International trade, international investment, world economy Professor Chunming Zhao
19 Theoretical Economics International investment,World economy(cyclical economics) Associate professor Feihu Zheng
20 Theoretical Economics International trade, international investment, international economic relations (working in Zhuhai Campus of Beijing Normal University) Professor Xin Zhong
21 Business Administration Accounting and corporate finance Professor Xuegang Cui
22 Business Administration Corporate governance, capital market, accounting standards, research on accounting reform in the era of digital economy Associate professor Fang Fang
23 Business Administration Corporate finance Professor Ying Hao
24 Business Administration Research on innovation and entrepreneurship and strategic management in the era of digital economy Professor Hao Jiao
25 Business Administration Individual behavior, stress and emotion in organization, neuromanagement Professor Jing Qian
26 Business Administration Research on marketing and consumer behavior Professor Song Su
27 Business Administration Accounting information and capital market, financial management and enterprise value Professor Huili Zhang
28 Business Administration Innovation management, entrepreneurship management, strategic management, cooperation and strategic alliance, enterprise M & A Associate professor Jianghua Zhou

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