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Founded in 1909, Lanzhou University is a national key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of education. It is a key university under the national “985 Project” and “211 Project” and a national “double first-class” University (Class A). It has an important strategic position in the national pattern of higher education and is an important place for high-level talent training and high-level scientific research in the country, especially in the western region.

The political and economic preparatory course established in 1913, the historical source of the school of economics of Lanzhou University, opened the precedent of economic education in Northwest China. In 1939, the special course of bank accounting was established, in 1940, the special course of bank accounting was established, the Department of political economics and the Department of bank accounting were added in 1941, and it was officially named the Department of economics in 1946. In 1998, the school of economics and management was established. The school of economics was established in March 2004.

The school of economics of Lanzhou University adheres to the fundamental task of Building Morality and cultivating people, and has formed a complete undergraduate master doctor training system. It has four undergraduate majors, including economics, international economy and trade, finance and financial engineering. Among them, economics and finance are national first-class undergraduate majors, It has established a top-notch student training base of basic economics in Gansu Province and a talent training base of basic science research and teaching of economics in Gansu Province, and has a doctoral degree authorization point of first-class discipline of Applied Economics and a master’s degree authorization point of first-class discipline of theoretical economics. It has established a national key discipline of regional economics and a Postdoctoral Station of Applied Economics, a major research base of philosophy and Social Sciences in Gansu Province – the Silk Road Economic Belt Construction Research Center of Lanzhou University, and a key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences in Colleges and universities in Gansu Province – the Western Regional regional economic development and Regional Policy Research Center, and established an Economic Research Institute There are six professional research institutes, namely, the Institute of social and economic development, the northwest Population Research Institute, the northwest Comprehensive Development Research Institute, the Institute of Finance and the Institute of quantitative economy, Focus on building new university think tanks such as County Economic Development Research Institute (Rural Revitalization Strategy Research Institute), Green Finance Research Institute and Regional Finance Research Institute. The Silk Road Economic Belt Construction Research Center and County Economic Research Institute have been listed in the China think tank index (ctti).

In order to promote discipline development and talent team construction, the school of economics of Lanzhou University is now recruiting ordinary postdoctors (full-time postdoctors and jointly trained postdoctors) and “Cuiying postdoctors” at home and abroad. Doctors interested in scientific research are sincerely invited to apply to join.


1、 Recruitment types and conditions

According to the applicant’s academic level and performance, you can apply for the following ordinary postdoctoral or “Cuiying postdoctoral”:

(1) Ordinary postdoctoral (full-time postdoctoral, joint training postdoctoral)

  • 1. Abide by discipline and law, have good conduct, and have no violations of law and discipline or other bad records.
  • 2. Be able to obtain a doctor’s degree before having obtained or been approved to enter the post doctoral mobile station.
  • 3. In principle, the age shall not exceed 35 years old.
  • 4. Have strong scientific research ability and innovative research potential.
  • 5. Full time postdoctoral salary relations and personal files need to be transferred to our university, while joint training postdoctoral salary relations and personal files do not need to be transferred to our university.

(2) “Cuiying postdoctoral” (full-time postdoctoral)

  • 1. Have the basic conditions of ordinary postdoctoral.
  • 2. Have a good publishing record in authoritative journals at home and abroad, showing excellent academic literacy and good academic potential. It meets the academic access standard of “Cuiying postdoctoral” of the school of economics of Lanzhou University.
  • 3. Candidates of national “postdoctoral innovative talent support program”, “postdoctoral international exchange program” and other talent support programs can be directly selected as “Cuiying postdoctoral”.


2、 Preferential treatment

1. The total salary of ordinary postdoctoral (Full-time) is 156000 + yuan / year (before tax, including 20000 rental subsidies).

2. The total salary of “Cuiying postdoctoral” is RMB 280000-380000 / year (before tax, including 20000 rental subsidies).

3. Those selected into the national “postdoctoral innovative talent support plan” and other talent support plans can be directly selected as “Cuiying postdoctoral”, and provide the following support:

*Superimposed support: on the basis of the salary provided by the school, the daily funds provided by the state are fully distributed to postdoctoral personnel on a monthly basis.

*Extension of support: if the subsidy expires but is still within the contract period and performs well, the school can continue to provide salary until the end of the employment period.

*Full support: for those who leave the station in advance, the rest of the daily funds provided by the state will be distributed to them at one time when they leave the station.


3、 Promotion channel

1. While in the station, postdoctors can apply for professional title and qualification.

2. Qualified “Cuiying postdoctoral” and ordinary postdoctoral with excellent performance can be transferred to career staffing posts according to talent introduction conditions and procedures, and enjoy corresponding housing subsidies, resettlement fees, scientific research start-up fees and other treatment for introduced talents.


4、 Intimate guarantee

1. You can apply for renting a revolving apartment as needed.

2. Do a good job in handling settlement, medical treatment and children’s school life, and help them integrate into the academic and working environment as soon as possible.


5、 Application method

The applicant will send his resume, representative research results and 2 letters of recommendation (3 letters of recommendation for foreigners and “Cuiying postdoctoral”) to the college’s e-mail. The subject format of the e-mail is: Name + major + applicant, School of economics, Lanzhou University.

The applicant’s information will be kept strictly confidential. The applicants who pass the preliminary examination and enter the interview will receive the notice of telephone or email reply. Those who fail will not be notified.


6、 Contact information

Contact: Xiao Min

Address: School of economics, Lanzhou University, No. 222, Tianshui South Road, Lanzhou, Gansu

Postal Code: 730000

Tel (fax): 0931-8912467


For more details, please log in to the official website of the school of economics of Lanzhou University( )Or talent recruitment network of Lanzhou University( )。

We sincerely invite outstanding doctors at home and abroad to apply!


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