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Hainan College of Foreign Studies

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Ⅰ. College Name: Hainan College of Foreign Studies(Public);

Location: Wenchang City, Hainan Tourism Island, P.R.CHINA

Website:  www.hncfs.edu.cn   Tel: 0086-898-63297771

Ⅱ. Posts available: 9 English foreign teachers; 1 Russian foreign teacher; 1 Spanish foreign teacher; 1 French foreign teacher; 1 German foreign teacher; 1 Italian foreign teacher; 1 Portuguese foreign teacher; 1 Japanese foreign teacher; 1 Korean foreign teacher;1 Cambodian foreign teacher;1 Indonesian foreign teacher; 1 Vietnamese foreign teacher; 1 Thai foreign teacher;1 Burmese foreign teacher; 1 Arabic foreign teacher; 1 Lao foreign language teacher. 1 Filipino foreign teacher;

Ⅲ. Recruitment qualifications: Native speakers with bachelor’s degree or above, more than one year of relevant teaching experience, age 22-59, healthy and good communication skills.

Ⅳ. Benefit packages:

  1. I)RMB 8000-9000 monthly basic salary for bachelor’s degree holder , default workload is 10 periods per week, RMB 120 will be given for each period exceeding 10 period ;

II)RMB 9000-10000 monthly basic salary for Master’s degree holder, RMB 140 will be given for each period of class exceeding the default 10 period/week;

III)RMB 10000-11000 monthly basic salary for Doctorate’s degree holder, RMB160 will be given for each period of class exceeding the default 10 period/week;

Candidate must work for at least one school year which lasts for about 10 months. Additional two months of basic salary and RMB 300 per month will be awarded for those who continue to work for the College after the first contract year.

  1. Airfare allowance per contract year: RMB13,000 for teachers from European countries, American countries, Oceania countries & African countries ; RMB11,000 for teachers from Russia; RMB 9,000 for teachers from Asian Countries. On top of that, foreign staffs enjoy an annual vacation allowance of RMB 2,200 per year.
  2. Free and well-furnished apartment is provided, except for personal beddings such as pillow, quilt, linens… etc
  3. Health care insurance covers the entire contract period;
  4. The college is responsible for the work visa extension fee and the Physical check fee which happened in Hainan. Any expense concerning the job is bIf you are interested in our post, please feel free to contact us.

By the way, please email me the information page of your passport ( and the latest visa page if there is any also) if you are willing to accept our post.

Documents needed for working visa application are ( scanned and original ):

  1. Resume/C.V.
  2. Recommendation Letters of at least one-year-teaching experience from your previous work unit;
  3. Couple with kid(s), need to provide:  Notarized Certificate of your Marriage Certificate and Child’s Birth Certificate from Embassy of China in your country;
  4. Notarized No Criminal Record or in other name called “ Police Clearance Record ”;
  5. Notarized Highest Degree.
  6. “FOREIGNER PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM” will be sent to you after an interview.

Important note:

(1) Certification materials for non-English speaking foreign teachers must be translated into English or Chinese before being sent to Chinese Embassies and consulates abroad for notary.

(2) All of the above materials must be scanned before sent .


  1. Benefit Package:

(Each period of class lasts for 40 minutes; Default workload is 10 periods per week )

Degree Basic salary Over time class (over 10 period per week) Water and electricity bonus Holiday bonus extra-curricular activities Lunch offer on weekdays
Bachelor RMB8000-9000/month RMB120/period RMB300/month RMB2,200/year Same as over time class 15 Yuan/day
Master RMB9000-10000/month RMB140/period RMB300/month RMB2,200/year Same as over time class 15 Yuan/day
Doctor RMB10000-11000/month RMB160/period RMB300/month RMB2,200/year Same as over time class 15 Yuan/day
Transportation bonus
European Countries American countries African countries Oceania countries Russia Asian countries
RMB13,000/year RMB13,000/year RMB13,000/year RMB13,000/year RMB11,000/year RMB 9000/year
  1. Scanned Documents needed ( Original ones provided on arrival), notarized documents are to be done at the Chinese Embassy in your country.
Single applicant Passport with recent entry stamp if there is. Notarized highest degree Notarized no criminal record Recommendation letter of at least one years teaching experience Physical check
CV/ resume A recent taken digital photo size 2*2 inch with white background, not less than 40 kb. Applicant with a family

(additional documents)

Marriage certificate notarized by Chinese Embassy in your home country Birth certificate of child notarized by Chinese Embassy in your home country

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